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Six Unique Birthday Surprise Ideas For Men

Buying something special and unique birthday surprise for the man in your life can sometimes be a challenge. Making a birthday gift truly a surprise can be fun! Here are some ideas on some unique and fun surprises that he is sure to enjoy!

A Surprise Vacation

 You probably know better than anyone about that special place he wants to visit. If you have sufficient money in the budget and time to plan, booking that trip can be exciting. Arrange to take time off but keep it an absolute secret where you are going until you get to the airport or to the cruise terminal. At the opportune moment hand him the boarding passes and get ready to have a great time!

An Online Casino Membership

 While going to Las Vegas or to a nearby casino might not be in the cards, there’s plenty of fun to be had playing online. Most online casinos can help you set up a gift account. They may even offer matching funds if you deposit a certain amount for him to play with. This gives the birthday recipient an option to play exciting online games such as poker and roulette, or play bingo games and other casino favorites. Imagine how cool it would be if he were to win some very real cash prizes by playing money bingo, for example.


A Day at the Spa

 Women aren’t the only ones who want to be pampered. Not surprisingly, most men do enjoy a day at the spa, too! You can show that special man what they mean to you by booking a day at the spa designed just for him. Some spas offer very man-specific ideas such as bourbon scrubs, beer baths, or whiskey facials. If those choices sound a bit too far out, there are always heated deep tissue or aromatherapy massages that are sure to relax him on his special day! Some spas also offer couples massages so you both can enjoy the pampering at the same time.

Give the Gift of Adventure

If he is a race car enthusiast or has dreams of flying, the gift of living the experience can be like nothing else. For a nominal fee, the man you love can get behind the wheel of a NASCAR, Formula 1 or another type of high-performance vehicle. If he wants to take off for the skies, purchase one or more flying lessons for him so he can know what it is like to be in the cockpit and experience the freedom of flying firsthand.

Spice It Up!

Some definitely like it hot; that’s why giving the gift of hot sauces and salsas are so popular. Some specialty sites offer gift baskets for your favorite hot sauce lover, while others feature hot sauce of the month clubs. These memberships usually feature different levels to fit within your budget (or tolerance level) so that your man can experience some of the hottest, best gourmet hot sauces and salsas available every month.

Help Him Try His Hand at Homebrewing

Whether he is a beer drinker, wine connoisseur or wants to truly experience what it must have been like to brew bathtub the days of Prohibition, there are a number of ways that can give him the actual experience.  Many community colleges or microbreweries offer classes that can teach him how it’s done. If keeping it close to home is more his speed, there are many suppliers which offer kids and also sell all of the necessary supplies and equipment. After that, who knows? Once learning how to make his own, wine, beer or gin, he may have discovered a whole new hobby or new found talent he can show off to his friends in years to come!

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