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Snowman’s Preview – Oklahoma at Ohio State

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(COLUMBUS, OH) – Okay, haven’t we played this scene before?

Ohio State ranked? Welcoming another ranked opponent? Each team with a Heisman candidate?  Each team with a high powered offense?  Each team making its first appearance of the season in prime time?

Yep.  And somehow Ohio State keeps drawing the spotlight. And for the most part, performing well.

There’s JT Barrett – FINALLY getting his chance to run this Ohio State team.

There’s JK Dobbins – running roughshod on Indiana in Week 1.

And on the other side, there’s Baker Mayfield.

Oh hell!

So basically this is either going to be a shootout, or a defensive struggle or both.   I’m voting for the offensive shootout.   Both teams have weapons.  Both teams have a lethal offense.  And both teams can execute.

It took OSU about 35 minutes to finally sieze control from Indiana.  It took OU about 35 seconds to sieze control from UTEP.

Which brings us to Ohio Stadium in Columbus on a Saturday night.

Ol’ Snowman thinks this game will send one team on the path to Atlanta.  Only one of these two powerhouses can end up in Mercedes Benz Stadium, right?

Well, maybe that can’t be the case.  But it’s gonna be a fun one tonight in C-Town!  Which means North High Street leading to the horseshoe is going to be crazy!  And you had to figure that with College GameDay in the house it would be quite significant.

I still maintain my stance that the result of this game couple propel one of these teams all the way to Atlanta on January 8th.  Too early to tell I know, but for some reason my spider senses are going completely off about this game.  So I’m paying attention.  I’ll gladly admit when I am wrong.

But JT Barrett vs Baker Mayfield?  What a matchup for a Saturday night!  Enjoy and may the best team win!

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A native of Chicago, the Snowman got bit by the broadcast bug while listening to Jim Durham call the Chicago Bulls, Wayne Larrivee call the Chicago Bears, and John Rooney call the Chicago White Sox. He dropped his first call in 1995 and then it was on from there.

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