The year 2020 has been a memorable year in the world of YouTube and other video platforms, likely due to the world being forced indoors by the Covid-19 pandemic. But not all has been bad, this situation introduced us to one of the biggest social media artists of the century.

And I say artist because he has delivered non stop gold in the form of his narration of horror stories, his beautifully deep voice, his lighthearted video game streams with friends such as Valkyrae, Sykkuno, and Pokimane, and his phenomenal lyrics and self written music. But above all else he has captivated the hearts of millions worldwide with his warm, kind, and humorous personality creating one of the largest and most supportive fanbases any celebrity has ever seen.

What brought our attention to Corpse_Husband in 2020 was his deep soothing voice which many thought was faked until he came forward and explained the many serious health conditions he suffers from, again stealing our hearts and bringing a tear to our eyes.

Now let me first explain that Corpse has been around for quite a few years on YouTube chilling us to the bone with fan submitted horror stories narrated by none other than himself. But at one point his health had a rapid decline forcing him to step away for a prolonged amount of time. But when he came back on the scene, he brought a few changes with him that caught the attention of people everywhere.

When Corpse made his return to the world, he brought along a few new things to show us. Apparently, Corpse has a knack for writing amazing lyrics and producing music that is not only unique, but relatable and instantly attracted millions of fans and subscribers on Spotify. He also joined some of the largest names in content creation such as MrBeast, PewDiePie, and Valkyrae in Among Us, for what would eventually become a YouTube fan favorite and regular occurrence in video game streams this past year.

Recently Corpse has built a massive following on all social media platforms consisting of fans from all over the world, surprising even himself. Recently he announced the first initial release of his own merchandise consisting of 5 items ranging from clothing to posters, he only released a limited amount thinking that not many people would opt to buy his official merchandise. Upon release the entire online store sold out within minutes, some of the items being resold online at prices upwards of $700 USD. Making it clear that Corpse was more than just another faceless YouTuber, but a franchise in the making.

Despite remaining faceless and keeping his identity hidden, Corpse has remained honest and loyal to his fans, being open about his health conditions as well as his feelings, fears, and plans. He has collaborated with some largely known artists such as Savage Ga$p, and a recently announced project with Machine Gun Kelly. He has also been interviewed by numerous internet names all while still keeping his identity a secret. What we do know of Corpse is that he lives in beautiful California, He has a sister he has mentioned once or twice, he is close friends with Mykie of Glam and Gore, she is also the only person whom he has disclosed his identity to, and that he suffers from many debilitating health issues that are worsening by the day.

Despite his health concerns Corpse pushes himself to put out content for his fans, stating numerous times on his Twitter that he feels bad when he goes a day or two without posting a video or a Tweet. His loyal fans and friends alike such as Valkyrae constantly urging him to put his health first.  Recently Corpse opened up to his fans about a recent occurrence in which he left a live stream with his friends, later texting Valkyrae that he had left due to his arms going numb and his nose bleeding during the stream because he had pushed himself too far once again for his friends and fans, also voicing a certain level of shame or embarrassment he felt over suffering like that by just playing video games.

Recently Corpse announced that his health has been rapidly getting worse and that he feels that in the future he will be forced to quit streaming video games completely. Also stating he will be streaming less often in the meantime to focus on his health. He stated he has plans to get back into his physical therapy and would like to see a medical doctor again but is hesitant in that sense due to the fear of being recognized. He has made it very clear that the thought of someone recognizing him in the real world is a very serious phobia to him. He did however reassure fans that in the event that he does stop streaming he has all intentions of continuing his music since that is not only a passion for him, but it is also less demanding of him health wise.

Recently a lot of people have taken his words and twisted them to create panic claiming that he announced he is quitting YouTube. I assure you this is not the case, at least not yet. He has made it clear that he has every intention of continuing his streams until the point of time that he physically can no longer do so. Stating he will be streaming less but isn’t quitting altogether as of yet. This misinformation upset his very large fan base causing unnecessary panic and worry across the globe. So as a fan of Corpse_Husband myself I chose to write this article to clarify things and give Corpse and his fans the article they deserve.

Corpse may not be able to stream and play video games as often as he would like, or as often as he has been, but he has no intention of dropping out completely as of yet. And based on previous interactions with his fans, when that day does come, I am 100% convinced we will hear it from his mouth first hand and not some random blogger seeking clout by using the Corpse_Husband name. And though his health is rapidly declining Corpse has made it very clear that when that day does come, we won’t have seen the last of him. He plans to put all his effort into his music career that he has also decided to keep independent and free of copyrights to remain DMCA free. DMCA is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Have you ever posted a video to social media and received a notice that your video was taken down, or muted due to the unapproved use of an artists copyrighted property (song)? That is because of DMCA. Corpse wants his fans to have access to his music, he wants them to enjoy it and use it and feel that its theirs. He did make it for them after all. He has made it clear that he has no plans to change that in the future.

So Regardless of his health concerns Corpse has big plans for 2021 and is not going anywhere just yet. And I am sure we will be seeing his name a lot more this year with these big music collaborations he has planned as well as his usual streams, and Tweets.

So, no fear! Corpse is here….to stay.

Till next time my readers,

Brittany out!

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