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#SaveOurChildren: The #BreakTheSilence Movement, And What It Means!

Let’s talk about something the mainstream media is too afraid to touch. Why, you might ask? Well my readers, were gonna talk about it because it is literally the most important topic in the entire world, and I am sick and tired of everyone pretending it's not. The media wants to cover viruses, politics, Black Lives Matter and celebrity affairs, but refuses to touch the topic of human trafficking. I
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Dating a Sociopath: Sleeping with the Enemy

A sociopath is a person with an inability to feel empathy, guilt, understanding, or love. There is a sort of short circuit in their brain that doesn’t allow these normal emotional responses to be felt. A sociopath has a way of making you feel inferior or intimidated by their charisma and confidence, but it is the ability to manipulate and change themselves to fit any situation they are in that
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Playing Dress Up Isn’t Just for Kids Anymore! An Open Interview With Cosplay Queen, Alicia Lee

Cosplay, people see it as playing “dress-up” for adults. But it is so much more than that. Cosplay is an international phenomenon, and for many it is a way of life. International events such as Comic-con, Mega-con, movie and game releases, and many others are a showcase of many different cosplays by professional, as well as amateur models. People will go all out spending hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of
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Brittany Says! Why Callcore Media Is A Diamond in the Rough

As most of my readers know, I have been in recovery for a little over 5yrs now. And as any addict knows, that means a very dark history that I have to live with the rest of my life. That history consists of felonies, struggles, fear of relapse, feeling alone, and worrying that you will never make a living without accepting minimum wage and praying they don't run a background
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Through the Needle: The Truth About Addiction (As Told by a Recovering Addict)

Addiction, it comes in many forms and yet everyone thinks it'll never happen to them. Truth is...it has, many times over. Just as your addicted to cigarettes, coffee, gum, or sex... I was addicted to heroin. And as with any addiction, quitting was a priority for my health, however unlike coffee, or cigarettes, if I quit...I could die. First lets go back to the beginning, that's always a great place
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Behind the Music: Sitting down with Marx Crazy of ‘A Punch’s Pilot’

Today, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Marx Crazy from a local band turned music sensation "A Punch's Pilot" for a very fun Q&A session. First off, he was very easy going and easy to talk to, very down to earth and radiating positive energy. After about an hour or so here is what he had to say, so sit back, relax and get to know Marx Crazy
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Brittany Says! Played in the Wrong Key: The Death of the Local Music Scene

It’s 9 o'clock on a Saturday night, your friends are on the way to pick you up. Your wearing your favorite band t-shirt, and your feeling pretty good about tonight. You’re going to see some local bands play at the local spot. They pick you up, you pre-game with some drinks and it’s time to go. You get to the venue, they check your ID and you’re in the club.
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White Knights: Why Women Need To Stop Taking Risks With False Heroes

Men… can’t live with them, and can’t sell them on Craigslist for parts either. Have you noticed how insanely desperate and optimistic men on social media have become in the last year or so? Women can’t even walk to the store without receiving more honks, beeps, and catcalls than a cheap you-know-what on Black Friday? I mean not only are women objectified and harassed openly by pervy men, but now
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Opinion: How To Use The C-Word Without Being One Yourself

(Editor’s Note: This post may contain language some consider to be inappropriate or uncomfortable.) Ahhh, the widely-used profanity word that is the c-word cunt! Yup, that’s right I said it, cunt! In the past few years, “cunt” has evolved from a sexist insult used to describe a woman in a negative manner into an undefined word used loosely in everyday situations. What was once the go-to insult against women, is