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Sports: 5 Things to Consider For Golf Balls

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By Awais Ahmed

Golfing is a very old sport that is associated with a certain sophisticated class of people. You need to be very particular about the equipment that you plan to use for your golfing ventures. Most people give precedence to their golf sets; the putters and all. Though it is understandable why people put more thoughts into selecting their hitting equipment, professionals know truly how important the ball is as well.

There are very specific types of balls out there. You have to be careful in selecting the ball that is perfect for your game. So let us look at what some of these considerations are:

The Type of Golf Ball that is Suitable for You

As we have mentioned before, there are some specific types of golf balls. They are as follows:

• One-Piece golf ball: These are the cheapest balls available in the market. They only have the outer covering or shell and the inside of the ball is hollow. The hollowed insides offer no resistance to the wind currents and thus the ball is difficult to control. This makes it very unsuitable for use on the actual course. This is why people prefer to use this ball only for practice purposes.

• Two-Piece golf ball: This ball has an inner core underneath the hard out shell. Thus, it is much easier to control than the one-piece ball. It can be used in professional games for people who like long-distance shots. It is still quite affordable so it can be used for practical purposes as well.

• Three-Piece golf ball: As the name suggests, this ball has three layers to it. It has a soft, elastic layer between the shell and the core which makes it softer but easier to control than two-piece balls. This is the best golf ball for long distance and good control. It is preferred for high-level games rather than practice because it is a bit expensive.

• Four-Piece golf ball: This four-layered ball offers maximum control on the spin on the ball. It is not that good for distance though. Being expensive, it is also used in high-level games only. Quite like the three-piece ball.

Your Budget

Buy a golf ball that easily fits into your budget. If you are a beginner, go for a two-piece ball. If you are trying to up your game, try the three-piece ball. Make sure it is a brand that doesn’t exceed a budget.

Your Experience as a Golfer

Don’t go for expensive, high-level balls if you just started playing. Two-piece balls are great as a one-time investment. If you want to practice your swing then you could buy the one-piece golf balls in bulk.

Your Style of Golfing

Do you prefer long distance shots? Or do you want greater spin? If you cannot decide and you are playing a high level, it is best to go for a three-piece ball. You could try out different brands and different balls to see what suits your style as well.

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