There are many theories about online football betting (แทงบอลออนไลน์) dating back to the time when it started. While some theories are worth questioning, some are outright ridiculous.

However, not all the theories are wrong. Some are very well thought-out, and learning about them can be beneficial for a football bettor. These theories are designed to help you in making a better betting decision.

Here are some of the best football betting theories that can even help you win football bets. These theories might look simple, but there is some merit in each one of them.

Going On The Opposite Side

Everyone knows that most of the people placings bets lose. This means that the public opinion about that match was made wrong. That is why many bettors prefer going against the popular public opinion. This can actually be a winning approach in certain scenarios.

This is called the “Fading the public” strategy and is quite popular. Keeping an eye on what the losers and doing and keeping away from those bets can be a good strategy to maximize your chances of winning.

But this strategy does not work anymore. That is because it was only used back in the day when the odds were set by keeping in view the opinion of recreational bettors. This was a nice tactic that was used to exploit the popular opinion of the public. This strategy is no longer effective and the competition is fierce these days.

Steam Betting

Steam betting is almost the complete reverse of fading the public theory. This theory is based on the assumption that odds can sometimes change very quickly depending in the majority bets placed by most of the bettors. These moves are called the steam moves, and you should bet accordingly if you use this theory to place football bets. It is easy to just follow the winning bettors than doing your whole homework beforehand.

Although the steam move theory is effective at some occasions, it is not always true. But there is some logic in the theory. If you copy the bets of an expert bettor, the chances of you winning also increase. But it is not as simple as it looks like. Steam moves do not tell us about the exact bets. Rather, these moves tell us about where all the smart money in going.

Bounce Back Theory

The bounce back theory is also very simple and straightforward. It mentions that we should bet on teams that have just suffered from a great set back. It is possible that these teams will try their best to provide you with a great performance the next time they are inside the field. That is why you should back such teams to increase your winning chances.

You can basically looking for teams that are trying to prove themselves after big loses. Losing against their rival can be one example. There can be lots of other scenarios as well. Just keep an eye one the games and keep hunting for more opportunities.


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