By Zac Ferry

The playful air of Australia is thrilled with so many sports. Because many people are taking enthusiastic interest in games outdoors and indoors, playing any sport is no longer just confined to athletes and sportsmen or exuberant teenagers.

One of these games that have changed the way sports were taken is Netball. Due to its flexibility and general excitement, netball competition has become so popular in Australia. The game is creating a frenzy among spectators who swarm in to form a big crowd and support their favorite teams.

Girls and women all over the country are getting deeply involved in the game to play it big. The game of netball is given a competitive shape by actual participation from sportive women in Australia. The sport originally started in 1982 in U.S. with a version that had ladies using broomsticks as posts and wet paper to treat it as basket bags.

So, let’s see what makes the amazing netball competition an unstoppable frenzy nationwide.

The History and Transformations

Every game that had started in the long past as something done in order to feed the onlookers with entertainment has taken a mature, professional shape imbued with athleticism, adrenaline, cultural significance and flair. From then to now, we have definitely a long way from time when players sported long skirts, leg-of-mutton sleeves, nipped waists, button-up shoes to those who wear different style of colors and designs to make it look more professional and celebrated.

The sport has grown a lot from the old times of inception and then later stages of further development. Netball competition is nationalized to be seen as something more serious, fun and stimulating. In Australia, the game is said to have been established in 1901 and it has attained global recognition ever since.

Netball Touches Close to The National Culture

Netball has come a long way to be an essential part of vibrant Australian culture. This is clear from the current scenario of the netball games being organized quite frequently. Females especially gravitate towards this game and, for what seems to be pretty long period, the sport of netball has been seen as a primary choice for female sport enthusiasts. However, lately a subtle change is being observed where male segment of sport lovers are showing active interest in the game. Since people of wider age spans and gender are feeling equally excited about the game, it can be believed that Netball competition has touched close to the national culture.

Netball Competition: A Multipurpose Game

If you are looking for the reason for exponential popularity of netball game, there are many. People play it for multiple purposes including health & fitness, achievements and professional career, involvement to spend leisure. Some play it for the pure joy of indulging in the spirit of the game. Exercising at gym might be a little boring, but netball offers a lot of joy and fun with people who are as zealous as you. So you can run around, jump, sweat and boost your health and fitness while enjoying your on-court play.

Social netball has been added as one more reason to play this game. People approach social netball competition with the primary aim of blending in and meeting with new kind of people.

The Game for Everyone

Some netball players start to play the game at practice level in their very young age as little as 5. They can play in mixed teams indoors. Due to there is no age or gender restriction, you can say the game is designed for everyone who are inherently fond of netball.

Cultural value and sporting significance netball has as a highly played sport makes it unique and glorious in Australian community. The social avatar of the game has made Netball more embraced, interesting and widely inclusive. Whether you are young, old, male, female, rich, poor, sporty or just amateurs, netball competition is clearly the game for everyone.

It is very characteristic of Australian people to encompass different passions and cultural tastes and enjoy the community activities generously. Netball is one such sport that has gained the fame of being frenzy among sports fanatics.

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