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Star Wars: Should Disney Make Movies Based off of Knights of the Old Republic Series?

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While Star Wars fans are still waiting for a nearly eternal wait for the Force Awakens to arrive in theaters on December 18th, Disney confirmed there will be other movies including a Boba Fett centered film.

One idea is to make movies based off of the award-winning Knights of the Old Republic series that filled gaps in the storyline and added a sense of mystery to the ancient Sith. The series was originally released by Bioware, Lucasarts and Obsidian Entertainment for X-Box and PC.

These games gave hints as just how evil the Sith really are and gave insight into the their history.

The game series also has the elements that are expected in a Star Wars film such as hatred, vengeance, anger and forbidden love.

The main characters in the first game (Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic) and second game (Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II-The Sith Lords) undergo intense rites of passage to become Jedi but are also manipulated along the way.

The Sith code was revealed which gave fans more insight into the philosophy of the Sith.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion I gain strength. Through strength I gain victory. Through victory my chains are broken. The force shall free me.”

Disney could easily captivate Star Wars fans by creating this series. It would likely be too much for J.J. Abrams so they could approach other directors. It could be hard to convince George Lucas to direct it given the harsh criticism he faced after Episodes 1-3.

The series also shows how the Jedi order was nearly extinct almost 4,000 years before Anakin Skywalker’s (Darth Vader) birth.




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