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Stop Doing That: Things You Need to Know About Your Jewelry

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If you are to attend a party with a long gown or an expensive tuxedo, you need to wear appropriate jewelry such as a gold necklace or a watch to compliment your attire.

Jewelry in gold, diamond, and silver are indeed an expensive asset under someone’s possession. It can be a gift to your loved one or for a financial investment. If you have a gold necklace or a silver bracelet, you’ll put intensive care to avoid damage and preserve their pristine conditions.

Here is the jewelry that is commonly used every day even if we’re just at home:

  • Earrings
  • Necklaces and chokers
  • Bracelets and bangles
  • Rings such as a wedding ring or engagement ring
  • Anklets
  • Amulets

Common  Mistakes You Are doing To Your Jewelry

You want to retain the aesthetics and value of your jewelry items. However, you could be doing it the wrong way such as the following:

  1. You’re not properly cleaning your jewelry.

When you bought expensive jewelry like in a famous shop in San Diego or a sophisticated store in Paris, you need to clean it appropriately. There are different ways of cleaning jewelry that you should be aware. If you own an earring with a gemstone, using a microfiber cloth is best to clean it. If you are too lazy to do it your own, you can always ask a pro to clean it for you.

  1.     You’re using chemicals that can damage your jewelry.

When you don’t want other people touching your things especially your pieces of jewelry, you are tempted to do the DIY stuff. As you heard that alcohols are good at cleaning diamonds, you also used it to clean your pearls and emeralds which is a mistake. Another thing is for using toothpaste to remove tarnish on your silver. You might want to stop doing it because it can scratch your jewel.

Use appropriate chemicals or solutions to clean your accessories if you don’t want to consider bringing it to cleaning centers. You only want to get it clean, but you are damaging it instead.

  1. You are wearing jewelry while taking a bath.

It is not advisable to wear your jewelry while taking a bath, because water running off to your body can cause stretching of chains and can loosen the substance that sticks the pieces together. It is not also advisable to wear your jewelry while swimming in the pool or much worst on the beach. It can destroy the surface and may cause discoloration of your gems and golds.

  1.     You’re not clenching your necklace before putting it on a place.

It is quite hard to handle tangled chains of necklaces and anklets. You’ll lose your patience especially in dealing with tiny little links. However, you can avoid nasty tangles if you will close the locks of your necklace and hang it in a proper place. It is always wiser to prevent possible problems than finding solutions to solve it.

In case you broke your chain because of entangling, you can always fix it yourself through pliers. But if you want to fix it thoroughly, you can seek help to pros. For jewelry repair visit https://www.jewelrystoresd.com/repair/jewelry/ or you can bring your jewelry to the nearest repair shop.

Some tips on How to  Take Care of your Jewelry

  • Store your jewelry in a safe place. It is also essential to separate different kinds of accessories to avoid scratch and tangle.
  • On a regular basis, bring your jewelry to the jewelry maker for damage inspection.
  • Use only appropriate chemical cleaners to clean your jewelry.
  • Sort out your jewelry to determine the appropriate method you can use to clean them.


If you purchased expensive things like jewelry, it is better to know more about them to avoid risks of damage. If you’re not sure about what to use to clean it, it is better if you’ll bring it to a cleaner shop. Jewelry is also an investment. Hence, you need to take care of it so you won’t lose its value.

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