Cloud PBX Phone Systems

Cloud-hosted PBX phone systems have been becoming popular over the past few years due to their low cost and minimal maintenance. A cloud PBX (private branch exchange) system is a commercial telephone network that allows communication within and outside your organization. The ideal features of the PBX phone system include call conferencing, visual calling, IP faxing, extension dialing, business hour settings to route off-hour calls, customers waiting for queues, and hold music. Cloud PBX is also referred to as hosted PBX or virtual PBX because instead of hosting software on a server, it hosts all software and data in the cloud. Below listed are the major features of cloud PBX phone systems:

1. Low Cost

The availability of advanced features at low-cost is the biggest selling point of hosted PBX. This is beneficial for small businesses that cannot spend huge chunks of money or even larger companies that need to cut operating costs. This is because the cloud PBX system requires no equipment for the purchase, installation, or maintenance. Since cloud PBX offers additional features that can be found on traditional PBX systems, it is a go-to option for all businesses these days.

2. Flexibility

Cloud PBX allows employees to work from multiple locations and not sit in office throughout the week. It also allows users to switch seamlessly between devices(computers, desk phones, mobile phones, and tablets), locations, communication channels without interrupting their workflows. You can switch office calls from your desk phone to your personal phone and attend calls. This flexibility improves your reach to customers where you can connect virtual or toll-free numbers to your cloud Hosted PBX and attend calls wherever you are.

3. Advanced  features

Even the basic equipment is not limited to the features on your phone or in your local in-house PBX. Cloud-hosted PBX offers all the features available from your service provider at no additional cost. Some of the advanced features include Call Control, Voice Menu, Call Recording, and much more.

4. High-Quality Voice Calls

Cloud PBX phone systems have revolutionized communication due to the Quality of Service (QoS) schemes, better compression rates, and high internet speeds, voice communication via the internet. It offers high-quality calls over the internet with voice prioritization. Many service providers now have their dedicated fiber broadband guaranteeing excellent quality voice calls.

5. Scalability

Cloud PBX allows you to meet your usage capacity as your demand increases or decreases. Hence you can start small with a few lines and grow your users as your business expands. Seasonal business events can leverage the scalability of cloud-hosted PBX by commissioning new lines just before the event and decommissioning them immediately after the event is over. Since business grows and contracts uninformedly, you require a system that can scale up or down in proportion to your business requirements.

6. Real-time monitoring and Report Analysis

Cloud Hosted VOIP systems provide you access to real-time statistics and monitoring of all the activities such as ongoing or missed calls, call rates, subscription costs. Business owners can monitor employee’s performance and make informed decisions. It presents the information using statistical tools like pie charts or bar charts that make usage analysis easy to comprehend. 

7. Security

Cloud Hosted PBX system’s security is the responsibility of the service provider hence they take care of all the software upgrades, firewalls, and security patches. The dedicated team of professionals at the service provider ensures that VoIP service is fully secure and protected.


Cloud PBX phone in Canada and around the globe is typically an internet phone system that offers you the PBX equipment and provides additional phone services. It is responsible for routing incoming calls, enabling call transfers to other extensions, and running all of your phone system’s communications.

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