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Style: Essential Sports Accessories Every Man Needs

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We men are known for our love of sports. We love to watch them. We love to play them.

But many of us don’t have anywhere near all the equipment we need to make our sporting dreams come true. The following are the essential sporting accessories you need in your arsenal this summer.

Duffle Bag: Is there anything more masculine than a man walking with a duffle bag full of kit? Most of us have probably used a duffle bag to take our kit to the gym. But these versatile bags can be used for almost any purpose, except, perhaps, hiking. What’s more, duffle bags tend to have very large capacities.

So they’re great if you have to carry around armour, boxing gloves or cricket pads.

Waterproof Watch: When we’re outdoors, we want to know what time it is and how long before we’ve got to get back. And we need our equipment not to let us down. Watches tend to be great at telling the time, but not so great when it comes to endurance.

That’s why every man needs a waterproof watch in his arsenal. He needs to be able to tell the time and be safe in the knowledge that his equipment isn’t going to let him down. Watches don’t usually come cheap. So look out for things like Finish Line coupons to reduce the cost and find the best deal.

GPS Tracker: A few years ago, a little known company called Garmin started making GPS devices for mountain bikers. The company has since grown leaps and bounds. There’s a real desire out there among adventurers to know where they are.

And so the business in GPS trackers has expanded enormously. Now you can get a tracker for practically any application. And what’s more, they’re integrated with multiple mapping agencies.

That’s crucial if you’re looking to go offroad and dive right into the wilderness.

Waterproof Socks: Those of us who like to do our sports out in the open know what it’s like to have soggy feet. It’s not nice. But fortunately, you can now get waterproof socks that make the whole experience far less unpleasant. Waterproof socks have come on a lot from the olden days. Now they’re breathable, flexible and long lasting.

And they use modern fibers which make them more resistant to machine washing.

Wash Kit: If you’re out on the field every Saturday, playing football or rugby, you’ll know it’s a messy business. That’s why every man should invest in some type of wash kit. Wash kits are great because they help organize all your stuff. There’s a place for each of the things you’ll need, meaning it’s less likely you’ll forget something.

What’s more, you’ll also have a greater range of items, from razors to flannels.

Baseball Cap: There’s nothing cooler than cruising up to your local sports venue wearing your baseball cap. And with so much variety out there, you can do an awful lot to personalize your style. Choose a unique cap that suits you and stick with it.



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