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Style: Why Is The Pear Shaped Diamond Ring Is Gaining So Much Popularity in 2015?

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Pear shaped diamond rings are an elegant alternative to the conventional round brilliant cut and princess cut diamonds. They are being increasingly sought after as centerpiece for engagement rings.

One of the main reasons why this diamond cut is fast gaining popularity in 2015 is because it is so unique.

More People are Seeking Uniqueness

The increase in the popularity of the pear shaped diamond ring more recently lies in the fact that traditionally it has been among the top 10 diamond shapes. It has always been seen as a fancy and stunning cut with lots of brilliance to it. The brilliant cut, followed by the princess, emerald and Asscher have always remained more popular than the pear cut. So fewer people have worn this dazzling shaped engagement ring.

Uniqueness is certainly the biggest factor driving the popularity of the pear shaped engagement ring. There has also been a surge in the popularity of colored gemstone engagement rings recently. Couples are increasingly realizing that diamond and other stones look more striking in this unique shape. In fact, more and more couples now prefer their engagement and wedding rings in topaz, emerald, aquamarine, citrine and tourmaline in this shape.

Why the Pear Shape is Suddenly So Sought After?

There are so many reasons why so many men love to have their beloved wear this uniquely shaped diamond on her engagement ring.

  • Unusual & Unorthodox – As already mentioned, there’s something unusual to the pear shaped diamond, and who wouldn’t want to wear something that is so rare.
  • Wider Range of Settings – Another advantage to the pear shape is that it can go along with different types of settings. You can also match with different side stones.
  • Can do with Lesser Clarity – The unique shape and larger number of facets for this cut means that you can do with lesser amount of clarity compared to other shapes.

Slimming Effect

When you wear the pear shaped diamond ring with the tip pointed at the nail, it helps in creating a lengthening effect for your finger. Thus, it has a unique slimming effect, which is something so rare to find among other symmetrically cut diamonds.

Besides the growing popularity of the pear shape, there has also been a change in the way how women like to wear the ring. Women have traditionally been wearing the ring with the pointed end towards the hand. There is a good practical reason behind it – it helps in preventing your clothing from catching on the pointed end.

This also offers some level of protection to the diamond’s edge. But as already mentioned, many brides are now wearing their pear shaped rings with the point facing out.

Deviation from the Traditional

One of the cornerstones of this newfound popularity of pear-shaped diamond engagement rings in 2015 is to break from the traditional. Everyone wants to look different, and this elegant diamond cut gives you the perfect opportunity to look unusual, not only in the present but for many years.

The pear shaped diamond is cherished for its beauty due to its unique shape. All types and colors of diamonds look stunning in it, and it is only surprising why it hasn’t had been so popular in the past as it is now. It offers the perfect combination of the classic and modern appeal. It is not surprising to see a fifth prong with this shape that helps in stabilizing the tip.

You can deck it with additional stones on the sides. With split shank, halo style, and lace detail within the band, the overall looks of the shape can be further enhanced. But even an engagement ring with a single stone in the center can be stunning in itself.

Author Bio: Marlow Marshall is a multi-faceted, multi-talented Calgary jewellery designers with over 5 years of experience in the industry. He has gained widespread industry exposure before serving in the retail industry for over a decade.

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