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Having timeless skin has been undoubtedly one of the major focuses of our skin care routines. I know that just like everybody else, you would love to wear beautiful radiant cutis every single day. This is despite the inevitable years we add in our lives. You are very lucky because of the fact that there are so many products in the market which you can apply to achieve younger looking skin. It gets even better because you can do this by simply eating! Yes, you read that correctly. There are anti-aging super foods which can help you. Here is the list and scientifically based reasons to explain why I am vouching on them.

Foods that contain healthy fats

It is true that Avocado bears numerous amounts of fat – good fat that is! Our skin’s anatomy indicates the importance of lipids to hold up moisture and make our skin look fresh; this is just one of Avocado’s benefits. The fats would also help the vitamins and minerals from other foods that you eat get absorbed faster. Other foods that contain beneficial lipids are oils (olive and coconut for example), and nuts like walnut and macadamia. Think of these snacks the next time you would like to munch chips instead!

Vitamin Rich foods


  Vitamin A can make your dermis (the lower layer of our skin) healthier. This area is rich in elastin, collagen and blood vessels. This is where your cells would multiply eventually replacing the ones on top as they shed off. In simple terms, properly nourished dermis can prevent you from developing wrinkles! Eating apricots, bell peppers, cantaloupe, carrots, fish, and liver will give you high doses of vitamin A.

B Complex

Vitamin B complex is popular for its anti-inflammatory and toning effects as it nourishes the nerves and enhances the power of impulses that travels through them. It also prevents dermatitis and hair loss. Do not forget that the nails are also part of your integumentary system. Sufficient vitamin B complex intake makes your nail grow stronger and in good shape. Adequate amounts of banana, eggs, rice, and oatmeal and other biotin-rich foods can give you glowing skin.


Immunity would be the first word that comes into our mind when we talk about vitamin C. Ascorbic acid gives us the protection from harmful UV rays. It is one of the main elements of anti-aging products because of its guaranteed antioxidant effects. Another wonder of vitamin C is that it combats the effects of stress that can damage the appearance of our skin. Good sources of vitamin C include citrus fruits, chili pepper, kiwi, oranges, papaya, strawberries and tomatoes.


  Vitamin E rich foods can address your concerns of having scars, dull hair and rough skin. Aging process becomes faster because of our exposure to free radicals. But don’t worry because vitamin E is there to rescue us by blocking and fighting them off. Go nuts with ¼ cup of sunflower seeds and you can instantly get 8.4mg of alphatocopherol! Add almonds, asparagus, beet greens, raw mango, peanut butter, and pumpkins on your grocery list too.


Vitamin K is well known for its blood clotting properties. When our blood clots, it creates unnecessary skin discoloration, it affects the delivery of oxygen and flushing of toxins from our system consequently delaying wound healing. This can make you look old quickly.

Having broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflowers, collard greens and kale would boost your supply of Vitamin K and other vitamins and minerals aside from the reality that they flush away bad components of our meals that our body absorbs which affects our skin. Conclusion To get perfect and flawless skin, it will be best if you understand the anatomy and physiology of your skin. We are blessed to have abundant natural resources to look years younger. Be reminded that the key to have a healthy integumentary system is to aim for a holistic strategy such as to:
  • Eat balanced diet
  • Increase physical activity – increased heart rate delivers more oxygen to your skin!
  • Drink plenty of water to become adequately hydrated all day, and
  • Avoid stress
Feel free to comment other food sources that can help everyone get prevent signs of skin aging! Author bio : ELLA JONES I’m a blogger, shopaholic, and beauty-obsessed blogger from NYC, armed with a Professional MBA from Fordham and a License in Cosmetology from Empire Beauty School in my hometown of Brooklyn. I’m the proud owner of a successful salon and beauty parlor in the city, and I’ve started this blog to share my beauty secrets with you.   This is my site: Social profile:

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