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2013 NBA Finals: A Great Performance By Tim Duncan Squandered By Spurs

San Antonio Spurs power forward Tim Duncan reverted back to the form that won him three Finals MVP Awards during game six of the 2013 NBA Finals against the Miami Heat.  As he scored 25 points and grabbed eight rebounds. Tony Parker did a great job finding open teammates with six assists and Kawhi Leonard added 10. Their excellent play helped give the Spurs a six point lead at half time and eventually pushed to 13 late in the third quarter
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San Antonio Spurs Get Extra Rest Before NBA Finals

Over the past three seasons, the San Antonio Spurs dominated the Western Conference during the regular season, only to struggle when it was time for the playoffs. However, this year has turned out to be a different story for the Spurs. With their Western Conference Finals four-game sweep of the Memphis Grizzlies, the Spurs now have a 12-2 record in the post season and will get to wait ten days
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2013 NBA Playoffs: Barnes Takes Hard Fall

Since the second half of game two Klay Thompson has had a hard time scoring the basketball against the San Antonio Spurs. He will need to step up   his game as rookie Harrison Barnes got hurt right before halftime after a hard fall while contesting a shot attempt by Boris Diaw who traveled before he got fouled. Before leaving the game Barnes had scored eight points on 4-7 shooting. The good news is that after a few minutes he was able
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2013 NBA Playoffs: Warriors Dominate Overtime To Tie Series

Poor shooting, a long stretch without a field goal, fouls and turnovers played a major role in the first half for the Golden State Warriors in game four against the San Antonio Spurs. Stephen Curry hit two threes for an early six points and Mark Jackson wisely limited his minutes, Andrew Bogut and Carl Landry each picked up three fouls, Andris Biedrins did provide a lift with his defense and rebounding and Harrison Barnes provided the offense. Still at halftime trailed by eight. Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili each scored 14 points at the break,