By Emma Jones

Did you happen to buy a new Mac? If yes, we can understand that you can be a little lost since the switch from any other laptop to Mac can leave you a little technologically challenged. Though, most of the things are self-explanatory but there are some unsaid rules and tips which need to be kept in mind while using a Mac. Thank us later and give this a quick read.

1. Backup at initial stage: Having backup software installed as soon as you get your Mac is the smartest thing to do. Install software which automatically creates regular and timely backup to ensure the safety of your data being lost during any system glitch. You can use various software like Time Machine or even SuperDuper. People who are too paranoid about their data being lost can also have double backup by using a combination of these two softwares.

2. Connect to iCloud: Just like your other Apple devices demand an Apple ID and password, Mac will demand it too. If you already have an iPhone, you might already be connected to iCloud. This helps you to share your photos, contacts, videos and many others without physically syncing it with other devices. Long story short, your iPhone and Mac will automatically be connected at all times.

3. Do not overlook the Help Menu: Mac comes in with a built in Help Menu which guides you through your journey of using Mac. It sits right there in the Menu Bar changing its contents depending on the app which you have opened. This Help Menu contains of table of contents, list of shortcuts, step-by-step instructions to use certain applications and even helpful tips using visual cues to guide you. So now you know where to go whenever you feel a little lost.

4. Pay a visit to the MacApp Store: Just like there is Play Store for Android users, there is Mac App Store for Apple users. By simply logging in using your Apple ID and password, you have an access to thousands of apps which are specifically designed for your Mac and are completely safe. It also contains many free apps which will not cost you a penny. Other than this, it even notifies you with constant updates for apps which require upgrade. You can even change the settings to auto update mode which will automatically update all your apps as and when it is required.

5. Get to know Spotlight: Whenever you lose something on your Mac, you turn to Spotlight. This is a built in search mechanism in Mac which helps you find your documents, apps, images, contacts, files and maps. It even connects to the internet to search places like Wikipedia, news sites, movie listings and many more. It looks like a magnifying glass which lives up right on your Mac’s menu bar. Spotlight is your friend which guides you whenever you are lost. Quite Literally!

6. Customize the Dock: Dock is the bar of icons which sits at the bottom of your desktop. You can add, remove whatever applications you need just a tip of your fingertips. Most frequently used applications which mark its place on Dock Are Safari, iTunes, FaceTime, Mac App Store and many more. You can simply drag and drop applications which you think you need on a daily basis. Open System Preferences and click on the Dock icon to change other settings. You have options of resizing the apps and magnify it when the cursor passes through it and many more.

7. Know your Keyboard Shortcuts: The keyboard shortcuts what we have in other laptops are quite different with what we have in Mac. Therefore, increase your knowledge by reading Mac Help and type ‘keyboard shortcuts’. These will pop-up some references as well since most of the apps have their own shortcuts.

We have tried to avoid the obvious one like Exploring through your Menu or setting up your email ID. The above-stated ones are the ones which you might genuinely not be aware of. Now that you know the basics of handling a Mac, you can go about downloading some apps and software. However, there is one major topic we would like to throw some light upon. Since we are super excited to try everything on our Mac, we end up downloading apps that we might not even use later. You might be wondering that there is no rocket science since you can easily delete what you have downloaded. But uninstalling an app on a Mac is a different process. So how uninstall an app from Mac? Don’t worry, we have got it covered. You need software named Mac Spy Aware which scans through your Mac to delete all those leftovers, caches and log files which take up unnecessary space on your Mac. Follow this procedure and hopefully, you will not face an issue.

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