‘iPhone’ is one of the crazy smartphone brands manufactured Apple Inc. It became a craze to have an iPhone because of its performance, outlook, stylish design and longevity since it first hit the market in June 2007. Several new models with new features and software update are in the market now and now on an average Apple releases at least 2 to 3 new models of iPhone every year.  Till date, the latest editions are iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. The fact is every time when new version released the price of older versions drops.

Why you should sell your used iPhone?

There is rumors that iPhone XI is going to hit the market in September 2019. It is expected that, as soon as, brand new iPhone XI will hit the market, consumers and iPhone lovers will go for it. As a result, the price of all old iPhone’s will be dropped and that’s the reason you should sell your used iPhone before a new one appears. The best reason for selling now, that you are going to good resale value and can get a handsome amount to invest in your new iPhone or to buy another smartphone. But the questions are how to sell old and used iPhone on a good price?

How to sell used iPhone?

There are several ways of selling an iPhone. There are two types of iPhone selling markets, online and offline. In case of offline selling, you have to sell your iPhone physically taking it to some shops who buy an old phone or you can sell your iPhone to your friends and family. The problem of selling offline is often the price offered by the nearest one to yours is just not justified compared to the product condition and quality. So, the best option is to sell used iPhone in online marketplaces. But how to choose the best online marketplace that gives you the opportunity of selling used iPhone? I am going to introduce a good online marketplace for you.

For iPhone trade in, you can opt to visit cashaphone.com.au. Why should you trust cashaphone? The reasons are below-

  • Accepts Almost ‘Any Condition’ iPhones

Cashaphone accepts used iPhones in almost any conditions. They classified used iPhones in several categories such as ‘Brand New/ Excellent/Fair/Partly Working/No Power’. The price they pay would be different in each case.

As they are buying all kinds of used iPhones, you can sell your one too! Even if it is dead i.e. it does not have any power, still, they are willing to take it and pay you. Moreover, if it really does not work they are able to recycle your iPhone of any other smartphone and they are certified in this works.

  • Find-send-get paid

The buyback program of cashaphone.com.au is very easy. The process follows some easy steps. Firstly there is a list of iPhones from where you have to choose your one. Secondly, open a free account with details and print your prepaid label. Thirdly, send the smartphone.

They will check the condition of the iPhone and if it is OK, the payment will be in your account. Very simple processes, isn’t it?

  • Price Valid for 30 days

The price they offer is best compared to other buyback programs existing in the market. The best option for the seller is that the price is valid for 30 days and within the 30 days, they are willing to buy the phone if you feel that the price is good. But keep in mind that, prices of used goods are declines each and every day and you should not wait for 30+ days.

  • Payment Options

They offer a wide range of payment options including PayPal, Bank Wire or Cheque.  As you are getting a wide range of payment options it is easy for you to get paid, once your iPhone is accepted by their team. Many other online marketplaces who offer buyback programs do not offer so many payment options and often clients face difficulty in collecting the money.

  • Automatic Data Erase

Your iPhone may be a storehouse of sensitive information! But you need not worry about it. The team will guide you on how to erase all of the data or they will do it for you.

  • Certification

Cashaphone.com.au is certified in best practices for dealing with old and used  phone either it is a normal or smartphone. They are ISO 9001: 14001 certified.


There are several reasons why you should sell your iPhone. The best reason may be collecting some cash to you, but for the earth, it is a recycling process that is saving the environment. So, by all means, selling a smartphone for reuse or recycle is much better than keeping it in drawer permanently.

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