Politics is a very controversial subject to talk about in family meetings or friends’ get-togethers. If you wish to avoid getting into conflict with anybody, many suggest just keeping mum about politics. Politics, however, is a fascinating subject that everyone must learn about. Whether it is your local country’s political issues or global political news, there are some advantages of learning about this field that you can bring to your life. Here are some of its benefits:

1. Learning about politics makes you know you know and understand your rights.

Politics isn’t just about the politicians themselves and the controversy surrounding them. There is a much deeper reason for you to learn politics, and that involves your rights. Remember that it is the politicians who make updates in your country’s laws, make new laws, and reform programs such as health and tax reforms. Hence, it is essential that you do not turn a blind eye to learning about politics, or reading about it, or studying it in reputable institutions such as the George Washington University, so that you are aware of what your current rights are.

2. Learning about politics helps you understand political theories better.

Democracy is a function of the political system in place in your country. Your freedom to choose and to vote for your political leaders is one of these functions of democracy. Learning about politics helps you make more informed decisions when you decide to support, or even dissent against, the political leaders who are to run your country.

Along with this, when you learn more about politics, you also educate yourself with the various political theories that shape your country. You have to be aware of these political theories so that you know if your political leaders are still observing general social welfare, or if they, unfortunately, only have their individual interests at heart. Some of these political theories include:

Social justice and other social changes in place today

● Equality of all people

● Limits and functions of democracy

● Offenses of politicians

3. Learning about politics gives you room to build your own beliefs.

Even if you all belong to one country, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all of you, as citizens, conform to one political belief, choice or ideology. As you allow yourself to learn more about politics, you are also giving yourself room to build your own opinions. As there are numerous political ideologies, practices, and beliefs in place today, when you learn about the same, you can understand its various advantages and disadvantages. Knowledge about these matters also gives you the power to shape your standards and to say “No” to whatever you feel might be politically incorrect.

4. Learning about politics makes you participate more actively in the election process.

Remember that it is your right as a citizen of your country to practice suffrage. You have the right to vote for the political leaders who you sincerely believe have the best reason to run and manage the affairs of your country. If you do not participate in the elections, and if you do not even give yourself the chance to learn about politics at all, you yourself are merely are stepping on your rights.

Regarding elections, you will better understand the following:

● The behavior of other fellow citizens as to why they vote, and why they do not vote at all

● The policies being implemented by political aspirants

● The answers to common questions in forums during political campaigns

5. Learning about politics allow you to prepare for adulthood better.

If you currently belong to the younger generation, you are still not exempted from learning about politics. When you know the basics about politics, you can better prepare yourself for adulthood. Politics affect every adult’s life in so many aspects, like the following:

● The act of voting

● The process of obtaining employment, and your rights and liabilities connected to the same

● The principles of your political leaders that you feel relate the most to you and your chosen careers

There is no denying the fact that it is the political leaders who control the affairs of the state. Hence, as an adult, it is crucial for you to have an early head start on the political principles that can affect your life. The same even holds higher truth for those who aspire to become political leaders someday.

6. Learning about politics fosters greater peace and understanding of other nations as well.

Each country is separate from another because of the specific laws that are in place in each state. However, through international laws and international relations, countries still have a sense of connectedness with other nations. This fact is particularly true, especially to countries that belong to political organizations, such as the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) or the European Union (EU). When you learn about politics, you can better foster peace and understanding with other nations because you also understand their laws, their political beliefs, customs, and the like.


Learning about politics makes you a person who comes off as intelligent, and who is concerned about the welfare of the state that you belong to. Remember that in one way or another, every day, your life is also affected by politics. Hence, you should not be one who merely shies away from learning the same, but be that person who is open-minded enough to learn about politics, talk about it, and at the same time enjoy its benefits, too.

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