The new year brings with it a promise for change. It is a good time to set your mind towards new goals. Boxing is a great sport that keeps your mind and body sharp. As boxing is a high impact sport, boxing gear is very important. If you are a hobbyist, a rising professional, or even a parent of a boxer in training, this article is for you. In this article we break down the  SBG Boxing Gear you should be keeping in mind when pursuing your Boxing ambitions in 2022! Disagree with this list? Let us know.

1. Everlast Pro Style Elite Training gloves

Boxing gloves are the first and the most vital boxing equipment for your workout or training. High-quality boxing gloves absorb the impact of a punch and protect your hands. They are important when you’re punching a bag or a pad. Boxing gloves should be light and comfortable.

Made of quality faux leather, the Everlast Pro Style Elite Training Gloves in sleek black provide great comfort, protection, and durability. Sparring, heavy punch bag, and mitt exercises are all possible with these gloves. These top-of-the-line boxing gloves are the best way to improve your boxing skills. The gloves have a big Velcro wrist band for easy on/off and wrist protection, as well as a mesh inside the palm to keep your hands cool and reduce friction. These Pro Style Elite Gloves are a low-cost, high-quality alternative. For a seamless fit and optimum protection, they are available in 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz sizes.

2. SBG 12 oz PU Boxing Training & Sparring Gloves – White & Red

The SBG 12 oz Boxing Gloves is available in a 12-ounce capacity. It’s ideal for both training and sparring. The glove is available in two colours: White/Red and Black/Red. These gloves are made of high-quality materials and are designed to endure a long time. They’re also quite comfortable to wear and provide excellent hand protection. To protect thumbs and eyes, the gloves include an attached thumb. To keep water out of the padding, the gloves contain a water-resistant lining. This is a great product with a decent price-to-quality ratio.

3. SafeJawz Mouthguard

Boxing has the advantage of allowing you to not only deliver but also receive blows. A mouthguard is required. The SafeJawz Mouthguard has a great fit and provides excellent protection. It has a super-slim profile and excellent retentive properties. The guard will simply click onto the teeth and fit well, allowing you to breathe, talk, and drink normally. It also provides jaw and lowers tooth protection.


4. SBG 14 oz Leather Lace-up Sparring Gloves – Black & Cyan Blue

SBG Boxing Gear has been making a solid name for themselves and If you are looking for something more premium, you can go for SBG 14 oz Leather Lace-up Sparring Gloves. This is made of high-quality materials. Black/Cyan Blue and White/Cyan Blue are the two colours available for the gloves. To protect thumbs and eyes, these gloves include an attached thumb. It also includes a water-repellent coating to keep moisture out of the cushioning. The gloves are made of leather and have a lace-up closure. If you require gloves for sparring in the ring, this product is suitable.


5. Adidas Box Hog 2 Plain Boxing Boots

These Adidas Box Hog 2 Plain Boots are an affordable choice with a high level of comfort. The boots are clean and simple yet they perform very well. These boots have a single-layer, open-mesh build that is made entirely of synthetic materials and provide excellent grip. They’re extremely light, with a gum rubber outsole that provides dependable traction. Furthermore, they provide excellent breathability and airflow, ensuring that your feet remain cool and dry during the match or training session.


6. Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes – Black, Blue, Red

The good thing about Everlast’s New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes is that you won’t have to buy different shoes for training and competitions since the Everlast Top Boxing Shoes have a rubber sole and a multi-purpose design. These shoes are designed to provide superior grip in both the gym and the ring. These shoes come in a variety of colours, including black, blue, and red, so you may choose the one that best appeals to you. The tread pattern avoids unintentional slippage and enables continuous side-to-side movement, giving these shoes great grip, flexibility, and support. The extra ankle strap adds to the stability and support of the shoe. They’re light, comfortable, and have a hybrid boxing shoe design.


7. LAFROI Men’s MMA Cross Training Boxing Shorts

These LAFROI Men’s Boxing Shorts have a striking design that appears to be inspired by manga and anime. These shorts are constructed of lightweight, moisture-wicking polyester that resists tearing. The Velcro and drawstring on these shorts keep them secure while also allowing for movement. They may be used for a variety of sports, including boxing. The shorts have a modest pocket that will come in handy in a range of activities.


8. Adidas Base Punch Boxing Shorts

These Adidas base punch shorts are perfect for workouts and training. They are good value for money too. These shorts are made of soft lightweight stretchable fabric. A large waistband improves the fit around the waist and makes the shorts comfortable to wear and train in.


9. Venum Contact Hand Wraps

Venum contact hand wraps are made from elastic cotton and offer an excellent price/quality ratio. When wrapped correctly, hand wraps provide protection for your knuckles as well as prevent your wrists from spraining or breaking while you throw heavy punches. They also extend the life of your boxing gloves. Hand wraps collect the sweat and blood that would otherwise drip into your gloves.

10. Venum Kontact Gel Wraps

VENUM Kontact Gel  Wraps are a great alternative to hand wraps for beginners. Simply put them in and get started. The thumb of these warps has a material blend of neoprene, polyester, semi-leather, and gel rubber reinforcement, which will improve the user experience.


Bonus: WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

Skipping ropes are a great way of improving balance, coordination, and stamina. WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope offers customization, where you can customize by snipping with a wire cutter. You can adjust according to your needs. With skipping ropes you’ll also learn to be lighter on your feet and keep your weight on the balls of your feet, which helps you to move faster.

This article was written through insights provided by Boxing Trainers, Pros, Former Pros and the most exciting Up & Coming talent in the United Kingdom. We hope you found what you were looking for. We hope our list helps you keep punching!



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