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The Best Locations for a Ski Trip in the United States

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The United States is full of diverse landscapes. There are activities for every interest, from museums to hiking to skiing. When it comes to skiing, there are a wide variety of resorts that offer a unique experience for skiers. From New York to Colorado, here are five of the best locations for a ski trip in the United States.

Adirondacks, New York

Adirondacks, New York is located almost three hundred miles north of New York City, two hundred and fifty miles north of Boston, and less than two hundred miles south of Montreal. The mountains here are scenic and beautiful year-round. It was the site for the 1980 Winter Olympics and there are museums and training centers there that honor the games. Adirondacks also has the largest vertical drop in the Eastern United States.

Breckenridge, Colorado

Breckenridge, Colorado is a large and sprawling resort. It was listed as the best place to ski in a recent poll. There are over two thousand acres of terrain and over one hundred and eighty trails, as well as plenty of snow for better skiing. Breckenridge is also near other popular places. It is less than fifty miles away from Vail, another popular ski resort in Colorado, and less than one hundred miles away from Denver.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

In some lists, Jackson Hole, Wyoming is the best Ski Resort for experts. There are many challenging slopes that experienced skiers can take advantage of. While many think of Colorado and Utah as the best states for skiing, Jackson Hole is near a wide variety of national forests, including Grand Teton National Park, and boasts plenty of black runs, or the most challenging runs. When skiing in places like Jackson Hole, it can be useful to reach out to other skiers to get their advice and equipment recommendations. Sites like smfnew.com are a great place for skiers to stay in contact and discuss equipment and resorts.

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Steamboat Springs, Colorado is less expensive than Aspen and Vail but offers plenty of attractions. In addition to the three thousand acres of skiable land, there are hot springs, museums, and a lovely downtown area. Steamboat Springs is known for the hot springs, but it is also considered an ideal ski resort for those who love nature and adventure. If looking for a different type of skiing adventure, Steamboat Springs is a place not to miss.

Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah is one of the best places for intermediate skiers. There are over seven thousand acres of land to ski, as well as a gondola created to connect different parts of the resort. There are many areas to ski, some more challenging than others. With a variety of runs tailored to a variety of skills, Park City is a place to consider visiting, and one of the most popular skiing resorts in the United States.

Whether looking for a skiing experience in New York, Colorado, or Wyoming, there are plenty of options available. When looking for the best places to ski in the United States, these are five of the places to examine before planning your vacation.

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