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The Best Swimsuit Trends for Holidays in 2019

A lot of you might be jetting off on a tropical holiday or simply relaxing on the beach in your hometown because summer is here. We have been scouring the top swimsuit trends for this season. Many types of swimsuits are in fashion right now whether they are bikinis with summer-fresh colors or leopard print one-pieces. If it were up to us, we would buy them all for each vacation day. However, if you do not want to pack a lot for a trip and need to select only a few outfits, we can choose which swimsuits to prioritize. These are the ones you should wear for those glamorous Instagram shots while tanning in the sun that will make everybody else jealous.

One Piece Swimsuits

One piece swimsuits offer coverage, but they will also make you feel sexy as well. They provide a lot of flexibility while swimming and you will never have to hold your bottoms before diving into the water. These suits are no longer the standard Baywatch styled uniform color ones. You can find modern pieces in lots of unique colors and designs such as panache One piece swimsuit at HauteFlair, interlaced with open sides, one-shoulder pieces, or a high-leg piece. You can also wear a one-piece swimsuit all day for any activity, just putting on a pair of shorts or pants.

Tankini Swimsuits

A tankini is a modest kind of bikini that combines a tank top with bikini bottoms. These can either cover the stomach area completely or expose some of it. One of the best reasons to wear a tankini is that you do not have to remove it all just to use the bathroom. Some of them also have a bra that is built-in or provides bust support. You can also get designs with complete shoulder straps or a halter strap.

Rompers and Sundresses

If you are not planning to go for a swim and just want to lounge around at a resort while sipping margaritas, a sundress is perfect to feel both sexy and relaxed in. These can have a flowy design and are very comfortable for those sunset walks on the beach. Rompers look like dresses, but they are similar to shorts. They are a one-stop outfit with flowy shorts and a top attached. If it is very windy, then a romper is a better option to wear. Both sundresses and rompers can be worn for any activity during summer, even if you decide to leave the resort to go do something else.

Sexy Bikinis

Many women love wearing bikinis because it feels very sexy and empowering. Bikinis are very revealing but they also make women feel comfortable in their skin, especially if they want to get a decent tan throughout their body, rather than just arms and legs. Sexy string bikinis are very popular with celebrities such as Heidi Klum who was recently spotted wearing a polka-dotted string bikini. Micro Bikinis have also become widespread thanks to Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid who promoted the trend. These types of bikinis might have very little fabric, but they still offer a lot of support and cover just enough to get that perfect tan across.


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