Now that future Hall Of Fame left tackle Joe Thomas has retired, the Browns are left in the hands of a diverse blend of young and newly acquired players who will be responsible for turning this franchise around. That seems like a dangerous but somewhat intruiging scenario.

If I told you that the best player on a team who had won four games in the last three years had been suspended multiple times for his behavior off of the field and was close to permanent suspension on more than one occasion, how much faith would you have in that squad?

Now couple that with the fact that their starting quarterback, running back, and number two receiver weren’t even on the roster last season, their best defensive player is just coming off a rookie season where he missed playing time due to injury, and fans are starting to pile on a ton of expectations for a team who has lost sixty-five of their last sixty-nine games.

This is a team who passed up the best player in the draft twice just last week to reach for a quarterback who has potential to do great things on the field but scary things off the field, and a defensive back who fills a need but may struggle on a defense that still needs a lot of work.

My main criticism of the Browns through this rebuilding faze, has been that they take too many gambles instead of going for the sure thing. That’s exactly what they continue to do and it’s why I find it difficult to see them improving much in spite of the influx of talent.

Look at successful teams like the Patriots who carry very few stars on their team yet are one of the top squads every year because they have massive chemistry, do not allow questionable behavior, and play together as a cohesive unit. Talent is not as important as chemistry and that is where I believe the Browns have made the biggest mistakes.

The top players on the offense will just be getting to know each other throughout this off-season and will still be attempting to figure each other out when the season starts. It seems like a nightmare scenario for a coaching staff who has been struggling to find any type of a rythym for a team who has seemed to have bottomed out a long time ago but somehow keeps getting worse.

The Browns ownership and front office seems more concerned with grabbing headlines and starting rumors about what may happen then they do with building a winning mentality and culture for their franchise. They were seen sitting in the rain next to Sam Darnold’s parents at his pro day but then let him slip past them on draft day.

Yes, the Cleveland Browns have increased there talent level immensely, but at what cost to their future?

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