By Daisy Welch

Every country, state or province has some unique distinguishing food produce or recipe or grub. They get unique as are made with local produce which is exclusive to the county. And they largely get the qualities due to flora, fauna and climate of that place.

Lake District too has some amazing impeccable produce and products and hence a must-visit destination for a foodie. It houses some scrumptious renowned foodstuff made using conventional ways in small batches, which yells delectable and heavenly.

Cumbria lake district is known not only for hypnotic landscape but also for some of its mouth-watering produce and munchies.

Grasmere Gingerbread Shop is a milestone for any food lover. Gingerbread here was initially made as an afternoon tea relish and were simply sold at church cottage home. And that simple gingerbread became recognized gastronomic of Lake District.

Damsons and the Bilberries are also well renowned for their unique flavors attributed to the distinct weather conditions of Lake district.

Kendal Mint Cake here is very popular with hikers and mountaineers and accredited as a source of energy for the exhausting climb. Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding is a die for dessert for sweet loving folks.

If you are planning a visit to Lake District for Hiking or just a random family vacation, don’t forget to savor the locally sourced and lovingly produced food and drink of Lake District.


The Lakeland Larder
The Lakeland Larder by Daffodil Hotel

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