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 The land of kangaroos has much more to offer than you can possibly imagine. A country with the most beautiful cities like Melboune, Sydney and Gold coast will make you want to visit again and again. There is this one place you would never want to skip visiting is “Ballarat.”  If you’ve heard about Ballarat before you must have heard other popular terms like ballarat gold mine tour or sovereign hill gold mine tour. There are many things to explore! 

How to reach there? 

Ballarat is only 100 kilometers from Melbourne, the best way to get there, as well as to see the rest of Victoria, is by car. It takes 1.5 hours to travel from Melbourne’s central business district, mostly along the straight National Highway. If you don’t have a car, trains from Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station take around the same amount of time.

Trains run late into the night most days of the week, so this is another excellent mode of transportation. You’ll want to spend a full day in Ballarat, maybe even staying for dinner, so the train is a good option, particularly if you want to open a bottle of local wine!

What to expect seeing there: 

  • Craft beers are available on tap. 

Ballarat has a flourishing craft beer scene, with breweries such as Red Duck, Cubby Haus, and Athletic Club where tourists can taste local beers and learn about brewing techniques. Hop Temple, Ballarat’s newest beer hall turned bar, and gastro pub The Mallow both offer beer on tap as well as tasty food.

  • Walk Along The Lake

Since its construction 150 years ago, Lake Wendouree has served as a social hub for the area. It’s a lovely spot for a picnic or a stroll. 

The lake is 6 kilometers in diameter, but you don’t have to walk the entire circumference to enjoy it. 

  • Exploring Lydiard Street. 

Lydiard Street is a photographer’s fantasy come true. The architecture along this road and its side streets is breathtaking, and it perfectly encapsulates the opulent gold age. 

You would definitely want to check the Grand Stone building where you’ll see heavy art work done like painted ironwork on the windows! Gold is happiness yet there it comes in the splashing gold paint form. You’ll be mesmerized by the street design, which is truly original.

  • Regional Art Gallery in Victoria. 

I’ve already been spoiled for decent art galleries, having previously lived in London and now, of course, in Melbourne. It’s something I enjoy doing whenever I visit a new location, particularly if they feature local artists.

The Ballarat Gallery, however, is much smaller than the ones in my city homes, but it is the largest and oldest in regional Australia. 

They have a large selection of Australian and local art, as well as a full exhibition schedule, and it’s all free!

  • The Farmers Market

Hold up your excitement for another thing you would wanna explore!  Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month, the Ballarat Farmers Market takes place next to the Wendouree Pool, across from the botanical gardens. It’s a small room, but quality still takes precedence over quantity. It is operated by a local environmental organization with the aim of reducing food miles, supporting local producers, and providing organic, nutritious foods to Ballarat residents and tourists. 

Baked goods, wines, olive oils, fresh pasta, beauty products, soaps, and plants are all available, along with the popular Aussie sausage sizzle and live music when the weather permits.

Boutique hotels are available. 

Ballarat has a variety of luxury hotels in some of the city’s most iconic locations, which adds to the charm of any stay. 

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