Late Friday night, the eve before NBA Free Agency, all seemed to be prepping for a very interesting free agency, when out of nowhere, the Oklahoma City Thunder traded Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sobanis to the Indiana Pacers for Paul George.

Which is just baffling to eve say, considering in NBA 2K, the trade is lopsided. But with any trade there are winners and losers, so here are the teams listed below:


Philadelphia 76ers – I mean this is a shocker, right? How does the 76ers benefit from this trade? Well they know have a chance at making the playoffs, since Indiana and Chicago lost both of their star players, and honestly, each team has diminished in talent. So congratulations Philadelphia fans, you have a great chance at the playoffs now.

Los Angeles Lakers – Another random one right? Well not really. The Lakers are big winners because PG13 has already announced that he still is determined to go play in LA after this year, which is a win. But now Paul George has one whole year to convince his new teammate to join him next year, that teammate, Russell Westbrook. Now the Lakers could potentially have PG13 and Brodie next year, and that would be a huge win for the Lakers.

Cleveland Cavaliers – Of course they win, they have now the easiest route to the finals, depending on whether Hayward signs with Boston or not. Either way, Cleveland is a big winner, considering the East continues to become the weakest conference.


Indiana Pacers – For basically giving up their star player, who only planned to stay one more year, and receiving only Oladipo and Sobanis in return. And as a fun fact, Oladipo has a larger contract than Paul George did, so way to go Indiana.

Boston Celtics – Another random one, but when you offer the Pacers three first-round picks — not including either Brooklyn Nets’ pick or the Los Angeles Lakers/Sacramento Kings pick — and two starting players, one of which being Jae Crowder, Boston lost it big time.

And finally, Oklahoma City Thunder Surprising I know, how can you be a loser, by adding another superstar. Well, they are, mainly because they have the potential of losing not only one superstar but two. With PG13 announcing that he will go to LA next year, his entire motive this year will be to persuade Westbrook to go to LA as well.

These are just a matter of opinion, but these are the winners and losers of the Paul George trade to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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