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Welcome to The Rundown! Today, we discuss the top stories from the weekend and make our predictions for tonight’s action.


Celtics win 12th straight

Nick Billion: It seems like lately on the The Rundown, we keep talking about how the Celtics continue to win, even with some key players being injured, and it looks like we aren’t stopping yet. The Celtics continue to keep the win streak going, and this time it was done without Kyrie Irving (partial facial fracture.) This team continues to overcome the odds and get wins. I credit Coach Brad Stevens. He is leading his team through this win streak. At this point, I can’t help but pick them to win against anyone the play against.

Craig Brallier: Brad Stevens is the second best coach in the NBA, after Pop, of course. He has been key in the Celtics “rebuild” after moving away from Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, and after one year missing the playoffs, made it back, and put this team in title contention. This team has one games missing Horford, Tatum and Irving, who are the team’s three best players (could argue Tatum.) Just imagine what this group could do if they had Gordon Hayward active. And let’s not forget, Masked Kyrie will return soon, due to his facial injury, so let’s be prepared for some fun.


Rudy Gobert out

NB: Gobert is out with a bone bruise and it’s clear that this is a huge loss for the Jazz. They lose leadership and defense. However, this team can still compete, they have the role players to grind out some wins, but the loss of Gobert will be noticed. Have to have the next man up mentality.

CB: Rudy Gobert is one of the premiere shot blockers in the league, and his length alone is enough to make him an asset on the offensive end. The Jazz are a solid defensive team, but it’s hard for me to imagine them winning a lot of games without their rim protector waiting in the paint.


Lonzo becomes youngest player to record a triple-double

NB: Last week, we talked about how Lonzo Ball can improve his shooting, and now here we are talking about how he’s the youngest player to record a triple-double. Obviously, Ball can play, and not to take away from his achievement, but this type of play needs to be more consistent, which will come with time. That being said, congrats to the rookie.

CB: We knew coming in that Lonzo was going to be a triple-double threat. His size gives him an excellent view over his defender and creates good court vision, and it also gives him a rebounding advantage. The only thing that had been missing was his scoring. I still don’t think he’s close to being a threat offensively, but hopefully this makes him a little more confident, and maybe we’ll get some more exciting Lakers’ games.


LeBron’s shot at Phil

CB: After the Cavs win over the Mavericks, LeBron was asked about Mavericks’ rookie Dennis Smith JR., and his response was, “He should be a Knick.” This of course was James taking a shot at former Knicks President Phil Jackson, who drafted Frank Ntilikina over Smith in last summer’s draft, which would also be Jackson’s last move in his position with the Knicks. James and Jackson’s feud has been weird, and I personally love any time anyone wants to rip how bad Phil Jackson’s time in New York was.




NB: Wizards

CB: Wizards



NB: Cavs

CB: Knicks



NB: Bucks

CB: Bucks



NB: Pelicans

CB: Pelicans



NB: Lakers

CB: Suns



NB: Wolves

CB: Wolves



NB: Blazers

CB: Blazers



NB: Warriors

CB: Warriors



NB: 76ers

CB: 76ers


That does it for today’s Rundown! Come back tomorrow, where we’ll go over the top stories, pick our player of the night and make predictions for tomorrow’s actions.

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