In winters the best thing to cover yourself and look cool is a leather jacket. For males and females, the leather jacket is the best option. It not only protects you from cold but also gives you a stylish look. The trend of wearing leather jacket is very old. And it is still fresh and in-demand like day one.

With the passage of time, new designs and styles are now available in the jackets. After wearing a good quality leather jacket you don’t need to wear anything else. It is also a perfect replacement for the suits. Whether you are attending a formal event or an informal gathering a leather jacket gives you a complete look.

Finding a good jacket is a hard task. Because someone can easily make you fool  Especially if you don’t know much about leather or leather jackets. Here is an ultimate guide for you to buy a leather jacket.

1-    What are you looking for?

The first thing while buying a leather jacket is to know what you are looking for. As now leather jackets are not only used to protect you from cold. These jackets are also used as a style or a luxurious item. Nowadays, you will find different kinds of leather jackets. For example, if you are a biker, you will find the biker jackets that are designed specifically for bikers. Similarly, you will find various kinds of jackets used for different purposes.

You must know what type of jacket you are looking for. One more important thing to note is that a leather jacket will serve you for a long time. If you will buy a good quality jacket you can use it for a very long time.

2-    Selection of leather

The most important and technical thing is selecting the type of leather. While buying a jacket you must know what type of leather you are choosing. Leather is available in different types based on its production material. A leather jacket is made of animal skin. Thus, you have to choose from the options according to your need and requirement.

Most luxurious leather jackets are made of skins of sheep, goat, horse, elk, deer, pig, and bison. These types of leathers are very durable and give you an amazing look. The most common type of leather that you normally find in the market is cow leather and lambskin.

The most unique and hard to find leather type is the leather made of the skin of Crocodile or Alligator, and Kangaroo. The brands also showcase these leather jackets in their premium section. While on the other side the low quality leather jacket is made of faux leather. It is neither comfortable nor durable.

Besides the production material, the production process of a leather jacket is also important. Leather jackets are categorized in the top-grain and full-grain leather. The full-grain leather is the most durable and perfect for you.

3-    Color

After deciding which type of jacket you want to buy, select the color. The leather jackets come in different colors. For males, the most common and demanding colors are black and brown.  But in female leather jackets collection, you can find various colors.

4-    Fitting

The fitting of a leather jacket is an element that you cannot ignore. You will lose your money if you get a leather jacket without proper fitting. Fitting makes it perfect. Thus, while buying a leather jacket you must ensure that it fits you properly.

5-    Design  Style

To make the leather jackets more attractive it comes in various designs and styles. In the past, we had very limited designs. But now all the leather brands are bringing in new and elegant designs. So, select a design and style that goes well with your personality. In addition to that, select a design of the leather jacket that you can wear in all types of gatherings.

6-    Fine Stitching

While buying a Leather jacket never ignore the quality of stitching. Fine stitching also shows the good quality of a jacket. In branded leather jackets you will see all the detailed work and fine stitching. But in low-quality jackets, you will observe that the stitching is not fine. Thus, while buying a jacket see that it must be stitched well with fine and quality threads.

7-    Details

Leather jackets are available in different styles and designs. To make these jackets beautiful brands add more details in them. More details mean more beauty and more money. Yes, these jackets are quite expensive. But one thing is for sure that you will not regret buying these jackets.

8-    Lining

The lining of the leather jacket is also a parameter to judge its quality. If a jacket has fine lining it means it is good. Few jackets have two separate linings for the body and sleeves. While few have silk or synthetic lining. The fine lining also adds to the charm and beauty of the jacket. It looks more elegant once you wear it.

9-    Zipper

High-quality leather jackets use high-quality zippers. These zippers work well for a long time and are also smooth to zip and unzip the jacket. These zippers shine well and also look beautiful compared to the low-level zippers.

10-   Price

Another important element that you should keep in mind while buying a jacket is the price. High-quality leather jackets are quite expensive. But once you spend money you have done an investment for a long time. You can also find a good quality leather jacket at a reasonable price.

11-   Nice smell

Leather has its own specific and soft smell. While buying a leather jacket smell it. By smelling it you can also judge the quality of a jacket. If it has a specific leather smell it means it’s good-quality stuff. If it doesn’t smell good or has a different smell never purchase it. Because in most cases such jackets are made of repaired material.

Final Words

Selecting and buying a leather jacket is a tough and technical process. You have to keep in mind various elements to buy a perfect leather jacket. By following the above-mentioned guidelines you can easily buy a good-quality leather jacket. A jacket according to your needs and within your budget


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