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Tips for Keeping Your Home Electricity Costs Low

There’s no denying the fact that living expenses can get… expensive. Between amenity charges, housing fees, stocking your home with groceries, and bills, it can easily feel as if you are shoveling out too much money every month. Luckily, there are ways around this: by being aware of how you can save and cut back on certain bills, you have the chance to keep your costs low.

In particular, it is quite easy to cut down on the amount of electricity you use. By saving electricity, you can slash your bill by nearly fifty percent! Lately, many companies have started encouraging clients to try solar heat or start energy plans. Just compare electricity Victoria with other businesses: this company seeks to offer the best rates for electricity in package deals with no contacts. By looking at offers such as this, you can easily keep your electricity costs low. You can also follow some of the tips listed below:

1. Replace Your Current Light Bulbs

Often, many families don’t realize that the lighting they use in their house utilizes a lot of energy, which ultimately drains their wallets. You can avoid this by replacing incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs: these bulbs use seventy-five percent less energy and last even longer!

2. Turn Off Electronics

Electronics drain power. Even when turned off, plugs continue to use energy, making many house-hold electronics “vampires.” One way to avoid this is to plug all of your electronics, such as your printer, laptop, scanner, phone charger and DVD player into a power strip and to shut this strip off when it isn’t being used. This way, you don’t encourage the constant charge!

3. Clean!

Seriously. Cleaning your home and your amenities will help save you money. By ensuring that your dryer tubes aren’t clogged with lint, to simply replacing your air filters every three months, you avoid over-working your AC and other appliances. By reducing the power used to run your washer, fridge or heating unit, you automatically save money.

4. Adjust Your Water Heater

Your water heater may be heating up water, even when no one is home! By turning your water heater’s temperature down during the day, when you are out of the home or simply not using a lot of water, and then turning it up overnight, you can avoid having it run all day. In addition, you may even consider purchasing a water heater jacket. This allows you to naturally insulate your water.

5. Turn off Lights and Fans

While this seemingly acts as a no brainer, many people forget the easiest and most simple way to save electricity: turn your lights and fans off. Keeping them running may make a room feel more comfortable, but when you’re not home, remember to shut them off! Reduce usage and remember that fans and lights actually do not reduce the temperature of any room.

6. Consider How You Utilize Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the biggest consumer of electricity. Between fridges, stoves, dishwashers and microwaves, the kitchen offers multiple opportunities for cutting back. By using the microwave to heat things, rather than the stove, you can reduce your energy intake. You can also run your dishwasher at night, or even consider drying the dishes naturally.

7. Install a Programmable Thermostat

Mechanical thermostats often preset your heating and cooling. By replacing these with a programmable thermostat, you can set higher temperatures at night or while you are away. By giving you more flexibility with your home’s temperature, you have the chance to make your rooms comfortable and reduce your heating and cooling bill.


Cutting back on the amount of electricity you use can be difficult in the beginning, as it often requires a lot of reminders or a change of routine. But this change, such as simply shutting off your lights more often or opening a few more windows, can easily help cut back the costs of your bills, giving you more money to spend elsewhere. Happy saving!

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