Tips from a Watertown HVAC Company on When System Maintenance Is Needed

Many homeowners too often neglect their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or HVAC system until it starts showing trouble. Just like all the things you own, your HVAC system also needs some regular TLC. Although it’s your role as the owner to take care of your appliances, maintenance is best done by a professional. Here are some tips to keep in mind when your HVAC system needs maintenance.

Temperature Inconsistencies

Your air conditioning system helps regulate the temperature inside your home. In other words, your home’s indoor temperature should be the same whichever part of the home you are. However, if you notice it’s hot in some parts of the house while cold in others, it could be a sign that your air conditioning system is losing its efficiency. Significantly different temperatures inside the home mean signal duct work problems, which should be checked by an HVAC professional. If you’re from New York, check out You can try to inspect your air conditioning system while it is operating and feel along its ducts to check if it has leaks.

Strange Noises

If your HVAC system starts producing unusual noises, it’s a sign that your system needs professional checking. You most likely know how your HVAC system sounds when it’s operating but if you notice banging, squealing, or grinding noises, it could mean that you need a professional to inspect your system.
While some sounds could indicate that your system just needs some lubrication, a professional should take a look inside it to check if some parts could have slipped off or broken inside it. Having it checked with an HVAC technician can even help you save your unit.

Restricted to No Air Flow

One of the things that your HVAC system provides to your home is conditioned air, which keeps you comfortable. So, if you notice that your air conditioning unit seems to be struggling to produce air, then it’s best to have it checked by an HVAC technician. The inability to produce air is a big problem and you shouldn’t take this sign lightly. Although it could mean that your HVAC fan isn’t working, or its filters are clogged, you should have a professional check your system for proper diagnosis.

Power Bill Surge

Most homeowners expect to pay the same average amount for their power bills. As much as possible, you’d like to minimize your household bills by keeping everything in check including your power bill. So if you’ve observed a sudden surge in your power bill, it could signal a maintenance check for your HVAC system. One reason for this is that your unit could have lost its efficiency, which is normal for most appliances. When this happens, your unit takes a longer time to achieve the correct room temperature and consuming more energy in the process.

Too Many Issues with Your HVAC Unit

Minor problems in your air conditioning unit such as dirty filters may not require the help of a professional. But if you’ve noticed that your air conditioning unit seems to encounter the same problems repeatedly, such as constantly turning on or off in the middle of its operation, it is a sign that system maintenance is needed. Worse, it can even signal that your unit is already old and may need replacement. The help of a professional HVAC technician should let you know the appropriate solution. Seeking help from a professional will tell you if your system just needs some minor repairs, adjustments, or worse, a replacement.

Foul Smell

Among the functions of your air conditioning unit is to keep the air inside your home fresh. If you observe foul odor coming out of the air conditioning unit, there’s a great possibility that there is something wrong with it. If you notice a burnt smell coming out of it, it could mean that the wire connections inside it need re-insulation or sometimes replacement. If the unit produces a musty smell, it could mean that there’s mildew inside it. This problem clearly requires the help of a professional HVAC technician, so it’s best to find a reliable one near you.

Thermostat Doesn’t Work

If your HVAC unit’s thermostat stops working, you should immediately call a professional to see your unit. Thermostat problems may also be responsible for the air conditioner working only for some time and then turning itself off after a while. Your unit’s thermostat helps control the amount of cold air it must produce to keep the air temperature inside the home to your preference. If the thermostat stops working, it could mean some unintentionally hot or cold days ahead inside your home.

Final Thoughts

Your HVAC system is a crucial part of your home since it helps produce high-quality indoor air at home. If you experience any trouble with your system, it’s a good time to call a professional to have the unit checked. Ensure that you find a credible and competent technician to help you determine the proper solution to your problem and lengthen your HVAC system’s lifespan.


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