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Tips To Create And Use Venn Diagram For Business Presentation


February 17, 2017

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By David Jones

The more you play with visually superior elements; the better would be the aesthetic appeal of your PowerPoint Presentation template.

Using the right kind of diagrams and charts can improve the appearance of the presentation. Venn diagram, an effective analysis diagram, can be a great visual addition to your presentation template.

It is the perfect visualization tool to describe relationships between different sets or groups. It can also be used for creating intuitive graphics for the presentation you are working with.

It is the best option to create correlations between different groups.

It can also be used to describe different intersections between two or more groups available. The MS-PowerPoint makes it easier for the user to design Venn Diagrams using SmartArt Tool. Let us go through the best ways to get it done.

Creating Venn Diagrams in PowerPoint

You can find readymade Venn-Diagrams available through the presentation suite.

However, if you want to create a stylish and a unique Venn diagram, the SmartArt tool would be the best to get started. With this tool, you can provide a transparency effect and add the best colors to make things look more attractive.

You can also download Venn diagram template for your presentation purpose. However, that may or may not come with customization options.

Making Venn Diagrams using SmartArt tool

The SmartArt Tool in PowerPoint makes it easier to create and design Venn Diagrams. Simply add circles to the template slide. Remember, the total number of circles will depend on the number of groups you want to create the comparison analysis.

Add background color to each of the circles. However, do add a bit of transparency to each circle.

This will help in visualizing the interaction between each of the sets. Finally, you need to carry out the right alignment for the text to create the best interactive graphical representation.

In order to carry out the change, you can easily format the shapes by visiting their properties.

Looking for Third-party Professional Venn-Diagram Tools

If you are looking for professional tool kits to design Venn-Diagrams, search online. There are plenty such tools available to provide you with excellent and innovative Venn-Diagram designs.

However, you must consider the compatibility factor with MS-PowerPoint.

Venn Diagrams are excellent analytical tools to compare groups with different and common characteristics. If utilized properly, they can become integral elements in a corporate presentation.

Use them carefully to make your business presentation stand out tall among the crowd and create a long-lasting impression among the delegates and audiences present. Other important graphical analysis tools include Pie Chart, Bar Graph, Waterfall Chart, and Flow Chart.

You can also download readymade chart and graph templates, as per your project requirement, to minimize the effort of creating these diagrams manually.

However, manual creation opens a wide array of options to create things, as per your thought process.

Author Bio: David Jones is a PR manager and a presenter. He is also a regular columnist for educational blogs. In this article, he describes the various ways to use Venn diagram template for effective PowerPoint Presentation.

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