Winters are a favorite time of many people. People love spending time with their families during the holidays, and kids love the snow. However, with the beauty of the season comes dangers. Winters are infamous for creating icy and slippery surfaces, which increases the risks of a fall.

Injuries caused by a slip and fall accident can be mild to severe. There is no surefire way to prevent falls. However, taking a few steps can minimize the risks. If you have injured yourself on another person’s property, you may be liable for compensation. Consult a St. Louis personal injury lawyer today to understand your legal options.

Tips to reduce slip and fall accidents during the winter

1. Wear non-slip shoes.

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to effectively prevent slips and falls during the winter is wearing non-slip shoes. There are special shoes available, especially for walking on slippery and icy surfaces. Shoes that provide more traction help prevent falls. Shoe ice grips also help prevent dangerous falls.

2. Keep your hands free.

During the cold weather in St. Louis, many people have the habit of putting their hands in their pockets to avoid feeling cold. This prevents you from grabbing an object to prevent a fall in case you encounter one. The same goes for people whose hands are always occupied with items. When walking on slippery surfaces, try keeping your hands as free as possible.

3. Watch where you are walking.

The most basic step to protecting yourself is keeping your eyes on the path you are walking on. When walking on icy surfaces, it is probably not a good idea to scroll your social media timeline or text your friend. Keep your eyes on the ground and when you spot ice, snow, or wet leaves, go from the other side or walk carefully.

4. Work on your balance and flexibility.

Unfortunately, falls can happen even when you are the most careful person in the world. One way to prevent falls when they are about to happen is to have balance and flexibility. The more balance you have, the more you are likely to prevent yourself from falling to the ground. Doing exercise and trying yoga can help.

5. Take smaller and shorter steps while walking.

Walking fast or running is not an option during the snowy weather. In slippery conditions, you should try to walk as slowly as possible and take short steps. If the surface is extra slippery, try gliding without picking up your feet. You can also try walking on grass if it is available.

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