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TNA Rumors: End of Days coming sooner

It is known that the WWE is the “major leagues” of professional wrestling. Below them, you have Ring of Honor, TNA, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and other much smaller companies that are not on the same level as WWE. Rumors are going around that one of the smaller promotions may be seeing its final days.

If the rumors turn out to be true, then TNA may be bought by one of the other bigger wrestling promotions. Reportedly, the three bidders for the Nashville wrestling promotion are Sinclair Broadcasting, the parent company to ROH, WWE, and lead singer of Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan. It should be interested to note though that if Billy Corgan does successfully win the bid on TNA, he will still be facing some financial problems. It is also not known for certain if Ring of Honor is back in the mix. It is safe to assume that right now the two serious bidders are Billy Corgan and Vince McMahon.

Rumors started coming very fast after Billy Corgan was on Busted Open. It was also reported that the tapings that were supposed to happen after Bound for Glory were canceled, and so were the plane flights. If this does happen that WWE buys TNA, which I feel will happen. It should be noted that Billy is bidding with no investors on his side and is using his money.

If WWE does buy TNA, I could see them making it a show on the WWE Network on Thursdays. Also what people should realize is that if this does happen, it would still take a few months until WWE has the videos. From a WWE perspective, this makes a ton of sense. A lot of former TNA stars like AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, and others are doing great in WWE. If WWE can do this, then they could do Best of DVDs on wrestlers like AJ Styles. There have been current TNA stars who have come out anomalously and are saying they are nervous about the future of their company. Also, it’s been reported that Dixie Carter has been talking with WWE over the last few days.

It will be a few exciting days before Bound for Glory as their future is uncertain. Unlike other times when TNA was being auctioned, and nothing happened, I have a good feeling that TNA will have a new owner that will be announced within a month. It might be WWE, Billy Corgan, or some unknown. It should also be noted that if no new owner is determined before Sunday, then Bound for Glory may not happen.

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