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Covid-19 has left many scared for their health, and as a result, they have stopped going out for gyming, exercising, and jogging. Here we are with some calisthenics workout tips you can try at home with minimum equipment while ensuring social distancing.

The calisthenics workout routine that we are about to elaborate on the ultimate guide to bodyweight training. The routine will be helpful in the long run. This means you can utilize the workout routine post-covid-19.


First, let us first discuss equipment and tools you can use at home for a calisthenics workout.

Tools and Equipment


    • The doorway bar for pull-ups: It is the easiest type of pull-ups you can try at home.
    • Dip Station and Pull-up Bar: It can be used for all types of pull-ups, push-ups, and more like hanging legs, knee raises, and advanced push-ups.
    • The mounted pull-up: It is one of the ultimate single pull-up bars you can get.
  • Gymnastic rings
  • Weighted Vest
  • Jump Rope
  • Palettes


When used in a calisthenics workout regime, the tools can help advance up the training.

Scaling up the movement

For a calisthenics workout regime, you will have to work on fundamental movement, depending on the requirements. For instance, some may require more crunches, while some may need to do some more pull up. Here is a list of basic movements that should be included when being on calisthenics training.


  • Push-ups: You can do either knee push-ups or pause-push-up depending on the need.


  • Dips: Depending on the requirement, you can either do chair dips, bench dips, or stair dips.


  • Air Squats: Chose any between chair/bench sit and stand and higher air squats.


  • Planks: Planks on knees can prove to be a great workout regime.


  • Lunges: Go for higher lunges.


  • Sit-ups: You can choose either to do crunches or V-ups.


  • Box Jumps or/or Step Ups: Box jumps can be improved by doing step-ups, and step-ups can be enhanced by lowering box height.


  • Burpees: It is a full-body exercise where you need to move to the squad position, kick back feet into a plank position, return feet into a squat position, and stand up.

After having trained yourself in basic movement, prepare your body for advanced activity.

Advanced Body Movement


The next step to calisthenics training is to advance the body movement by including the following exercises or workouts:


  • Muscle Ups: Tone the muscles by utilizing chest to bar pull-ups and dips, jumping or assisted muscles ups, and advance with banded.


  • L-Sit Hold: For L-Sit hold, start from a hand with your knees up and slowly work towards straightening them.


  • Wall Climbs: Advance with inchworms.


  • Handstand Push-Ups: Advance with handstand negatives or pike push-ups.


  • Hanging Leg Raises: Advance with knee raises or even non-hang on forearms with assist.


Once you have mastered the advanced body movement, you may want to test your body on super-advanced movements. Calisthenics workout, after all, is about endurance and strength-building exercises. After training your body with several different activities, it’s time to put the body on some real test.

Super Advanced Body Movements


One Arm Pulls-Up: Advance your body movements by shifting to one arm pull up from the primary pull-ups position. You can also try one-arm chin-up and assisted one-arm pull-ups. You may also try holding your wrist with your other arm while doing the super-advanced pulls up.

Human Flag: For a super-advanced human flag, start with lots of pull-ups and handstand push-ups. You can then move to double bent-knee flags, vertical flag holds, and single bent-knee flags.

Front Lever: Tuck your legs into your chest and gradually work towards straightening them just like L-sit body movement.


Final Words:

Why sit home and put weight while lockdown takes a toll on your life. Try a calisthenics workout to tone up your body and keep it in shape at home. The workout regime can be done with minimum equipment and tools. You can master the exercises at home and choose to stay fit even when gyms are closed. Post covid-19, you can further train your body for an advanced level of exercise by joining a gym. 

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