Trade Show and Conference

Trade shows and conferences are very important for businesses. Especially, companies that are new and want to emerge as a powerful brand got exposure in industrial trade shows. In trade shows and conference, you as a business can connect with other leading as well as latest companies in the industry. The results are amazing but the journey is not that easy. To make a mark with your business offerings and entice everyone, there has to be some strategy to follow. Things from your side after a trade show is as important as performing well during the show. It can bring you considerable potential customers and help you build future relationships. Cities like Ahmedabad organizes trade shows often thus, you have a better opportunity there. If you are planning to participate in trade shows in Ahmedabad, make sure to give a great impression after the show or conference with these following tips.

  1. Attracting Business at the Last Day of Conference

The last day comes with opportunities for you as well as the attendees. It might be the case that serious customers don’t get products during the show due to lack of time. No worries! You still convert the leads at last minute through last day giveaways. Use the last day as the promotional chance and offer unique giveaways to the customers with your name printed on it. For example, if you are associated with a car company or service, think out of the box and provide gifts like a mini traveling bag or a cool pair of flip flops they are going to love. It’s a great way which will help you stand out from the crowd. A friendly gift can make your brand reliable.

  1. Be in Touch with the Attendees

A follow-up strategy can gain you trust and respect amongst the peers and attendees of the show. Design a timeline of follow-ups for every show you take part in. Be a humble business representative and send thank you emails to the attendees or companies you worked with. A marketing brochure could be an add-on here. Also, you can send a personal note and ask for their feedback and requirements one to two weeks later. Don’t forget to including your photo and logo with the brochure that will make the attendees remember you.

  1. Socialize Better

Connecting well with the audience should come under one of the most important activities out of a trade show. Though you are there to lure customers and make them aware of your offerings, don’t take it as only a money making opportunity rather try to connect with them emotionally. For instance, set up a booth on site and take their pictures so you can upload them on your website. While going through their pictures on your official site, they will feel valued.

Make Conversations with Your Customers

  1. Make Conversations with Your Customers  

Talk to the clients or customers connecting the dots of conversation you had with them on the trade show floor. Start with the notes you took on the show earlier and use them to take forward the situation in your favor.

  1. Take Follow Up from Your Team

While going for customer follow up, don’t forget to take internal follow up with your team. Discuss the highlights of the show with them and how they can improve. Tell the team members to provide feedback and observations with executives.

  1. Boost Your Team for the Next Big Event

After taking the follow up from your team, it is highly recommended to set new goals for the next big event. Take their suggestions and talk about out of the box ideas that did not work earlier and modify this time to attract new opportunities for the business.

  1. Talk to Attendees and Understand their Needs

Talk to the attendees who took out time to view and consider your product. Start with what they are looking for and ask their pain points and how your product can resolve them. Communicating with customers from a ground level will help you understand their perspectives plus make amazing relationships.

Trade shows in Ahmedabad create an opportunity for businesses to get recognized. Make your way there but don’t forget to apply these tips after the trade show. Losing momentum that time can lead you towards some lost opportunities. Don’t make this happen and attract more customers and growth in the business.

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