After the pandemic, many creators and entrepreneurs decided to get more serious about their journey’s and take their careers a bit further. CEOs, Musicians, Fashion Experts, Art Designers, and more got their creative juices flowing, and developed projects that helped to advance their respective industries. Whether it was music production, creating a snazzy art design, or guiding an upcoming influencer to success, these amazing people have done it on another level. Some of the creators we will discuss in this segment include Long Island New York’s Mattykevs, Louisiana native Don Gramur, South Los Angeles native Yusef Andre Wiley, and Cape Town South Africa’s Sylvia Rossouw. To be honest, there’s plenty of people who deserve an honorable mention, but let’s focus on the ones who are making the most impact around the world.


The multi-talented Mattykevs did not waste any time making an impact on the game in 2021. Not only did he drop his latest project titled Fiji, music executive Mattykevs also helped many other influencers build their brands and audiences on social media with marketing strategies developed by his company, Global Boss Media Group. He is known for making smooth tunes that anyone could vibe to. He is an instrumental producer and songwriter. His music has several thousands of streams on major music platforms and his presence is constantly growing in the industry. Just recently, he hosted the “Who Got Next” award show in New York. Mattykevs came dressed to impress and his skills on the mic spoke volumes. The artist entrepreneur can be seen on over 40 billboards on Time Square.

Don Gramur

Don Gramur is flooding the music industry with a positive message that will open the eyes of many lost ones. He is musician, record producer, and CEO on a mission of bringing glory to the creator through passion and perseverance. Rapper and singer Don Gramur released a project in 2021 called The Machine that shed light on the state of society and how it affects the natural flow of life. This project was very witty and had so much lyricism. Every song was a bar fest, even as he was telling a real life story with words. The album currently has thousands of streams on Spotify, but can be streamed on other platforms as well. Besides conquering the independent music scene, Don Gramur has collaborated with several companies and artists to help them further their success through brand marketing in the media. Many now call him “the plug”, as he has partnered with several people in connection with helping creators reach the masses.

Sylvia Rossouw

Hailing from Cape Town is the super talented architectural design artist, Sylvia Rossouw. She has taken her craft very serious for a couple of decades and it has brought her the type of success fine arts admirers can appreciate. Her famous art archive can be viewed online and has some of the most prolific architectural designs around. This is proven through the many rewards and accomplishments that Sylvia Rossouw has gotten throughout her journey. She’s been featured in art exhibitions, and is popular in South Africa and around the world. Not only that, Sylvia is a leading architect for her brand, RW Architects, and is guiding other genius minds of the art industry to reaching their full potential.

Yusef-Andre Wiley

From South Los Angeles California, Yusef Andre Wiley has made his mark as a transformed ex-inmate turned motivational speaker. Post prision, Yusef is now a leader of the company YW Consultants and is a part of the John Maxwell Team. He has spoken to many inmates and troubled youth to help them turn their lives around for the better. Apart from being an entrepreneur, Yusef Andre Wiley is also a published author, and produced the book If I knew Then: Life of Yusef-Andre Wiley and he is the founder of the Timelist Group, an organization developed to assist parolees looking to better themselves.

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