Although many associate private jets with luxurious leisure get-aways, this type of transport is becoming more and more popular among corporate travelers. Nowadays, flying private is a sign of social status and a solution for those who value their time, money and health safety. Thus, we would like to cover many significant benefits that the private aviation sector brings. We will also share a list of private jets that are on the pinnacle of popularity and quality for business passengers.

Why travel privately for business?

The phrase “Time is money” applies when we talk about aeroplane flights. Every minute meaninglessly wasted in the check-in line or waiting for luggage could be spent productively. Traveling by private jet aircraft means that you can arrive at the airport 15 minutes before the flight and board a plane immediately. Moreover, having a private plane in control allows you to decide on your flight schedule and routes – avoid layovers and get to your destination quicker.

A study by NEXA reported that chartered flights save 50 -70 % of travel time compared to the commercial transportation. Therefore, if time-efficiency is your top priority – hiring an aircraft is the best solution.

For some, it might be troubling to remain productive while being over 31,000 feet above the ground. However, a private jet will have anything you would need for a portable office – plenty of room for legs, comfortable seats, an in-flight Wi-Fi connection and any coffee you fancy to keep you boosting with energy. What’s more, there are significantly fewer passengers in private jet planes than in a commercial aircraft. This means that you will not be interrupted by noise when making important phone calls or answering emails.

Lately, more and more people are putting their health in the first slot of the priority list. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, many commercial airlines have taken action to increase health safety. Nonetheless, A study done by Globe Air found that taking a commercial flight creates around 270 possible person-to-person interactions, compared to less than 20 while taking a private getaway. Furthermore, travelling private leads to fewer people handling your luggage and having full control who will board the plane, increasing safety.

What types of planes are the best for business travel?

Business aircraft are designed to accommodate small groups of people: from solo travellers to sports teams to musicians and their touring crew. Therefore, types of jets usually range from light to heavy, where the biggest capacity is up to 20 passengers.

The main advantage of smaller private jet sizes is that they fly faster, reach a higher altitude and avoid heavy air traffic – travel is always time and cost-efficient. Thus, despite the wide variety of other private jet types in the market, we suggest picking aeroplanes designed explicitly for corporate needs.

Even though flying by business aircraft pays off, keep in mind that business jets usually cost more to purchase than private aircraft designed for leisure travel. You should expect to pay anywhere from €2.5 million to €75 million for a new business jet.

Acquiring a used aeroplane can be an excellent alternative: about 85 per cent of business jet owners buy second-hand aircraft for a lower price. However, if you are not planning to spend more than 150 hours in the air – chartering a flight is another time and money efficient solution. Chartering an aircraft gives you the same flexibility as owning one, but you will not have to worry about the aircraft’s maintenance, hiring a crew or paying taxes for the property.

No matter if you are making a purchase or looking for an air charter option – it is essential to know what you are looking for in the aircraft. Therefore, we would like to share our best picks of small, midsize, and large business aeroplanes.

Top 3 light and midsize business jet models

  1. Cessna Citation XLS/XLS+

Luxurious midsize aircraft combines elegance with innovative technology solutions. A spacious cabin is designed to fit up to twelve passengers and leave plenty of room to move around comfortably. The compact design of an aeroplane allows it to gain 441 KTAS speed – so the passengers can enjoy their trip in high-quality leather seats while flying by the world’s fastest private jet.

  1. Learjet 75 Liberty

This model in the light-jet category has been an absolute favourite for years. Its spacious interior, comfortable seating with generous legroom will make travel for the group of six unforgettable. Do you have to work on-board? The private jet plane is ideal for those who value their time: the Executive Suite has the best sound resistance and is equipped with 4G internet connection, electrical USB connectors or anything else you would expect to have in a portable office.

  1. Cirrus Vision SF50

The extra light aircraft is a true definition of a private jet – the vehicle can be operated by a single pilot and transport up to six passengers. Its simple yet modern design, ergonomic seating and panoramic windows will make every minute of your journey immersive and enjoyable. The cabin is equipped with technology that allows you to remain connected with your colleagues and clients throughout the flight: a large TV screen for the conference calls, USB ports and power plugs for all your devices.


Top 3 heavy private jet models

  1. Gulfstream G650/G650ER

Is flying long distances an inconvenience you would rather avoid? This business travel legend will change your mind and make your flight pleasurable. Cabin with four separate living areas is designed to accommodate up to nineteen passengers, so you can enjoy privacy and work in a quiet environment. Temperature control, soundproof walls, daylight lightning and handmade seats quickly turned into beds – comfort meets innovation to make you like feel at home.

  1. Bombardier Global 7500

One of the world’s largest private jets will turn a long flight into a luxurious vacation or a productive day at work. Four large living spaces with the Master’s suite and a full-size kitchen will make you want to stay in the air for as long as possible. The “Nuage” seating with large windows by every seat allows passengers to relax and enjoy breath-taking sights while traveling. The Conference suite will be a peaceful hideaway for executing last-minute work tasks, answering calls or delivering unforgettable presentations.

  1. ACJ 220

The reasonably new aircraft model has already become a go-to choice for those who want to get the VIP experience for the best price. The aeroplane is designed to carry 18 passengers and remains in the air for up to 12 hours. Six living areas will provide you with personal space necessary when traveling with a large group. Innovative technology solutions – excellent Wi-Fi connection, USB sockets by every screen and large TV screens for leisure or conference calls – all you need to keep on top of work while traveling.

Final notes for business travelers

There are many advantages to traveling by a private jet. While it is a popular option amongst the rich and famous, an increasing amount of companies are turning to this service. Therefore, if you choose an aircraft model and charter broker carefully, this decision will pay-off, and you will never lose focus on your work, even when traveling.

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