By David Hicks

Google’s algorithm is a complex one to sift and the number of factors available that determine a high ranking for your website indeed reveals a staggering figure. With developments in the field of technology and more importantly the changes that are noticeable among the Internet users, search engine optimization of the most advanced kind must be incorporated into existing websites or websites that are about to be launched.

Using the right keywords, images, keeping a track of the methods used by users to look posts up and a lot of other elements go into creating the perfectly optimized web page. SEO trends are forever changing, as most fall victim to obscurity and the new ones are introduced in their place. Even though you have had a pretty decent 2017 in terms of generating business through your website, the trends to get it featured among the first pages of the search results would undoubtedly change. Top quality content, domain strength and the utilization of keywords are only a few of the key ingredients required to boost websites and these must be given the top priority along with a lookout for the upcoming trends.

Following is a list of the most advanced SEO trends that are sure to dominate the Internet in the coming year.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

The project launched by Google in the year 2016 makes certain that pages designed using the AMP format are launched at a lightning fast speed, severely reducing the user bounce rate. Users are redirected to AMP sites by Google’s search engine algorithm that prioritizes the pages. These pages are distinguished by a sign that resembles a lightning bolt and features among the top ranking results.

Optimization In Mobiles

Smartphone users are estimated to reach 3 billion by the year 2020 and if you are surprised by this statistic, then you must seriously consider upgrading your SEO game. SEO service providers like, SandCrestSeo are renowned for their efficient methodologies used for mobile optimization that is considered a call of the times. Maintaining a desktop website along with the one created for the mobile users have the ability to skyrocket your rankings, as it not only will generate more traffic, but would also offer a high loading speed to the pages.

Featuring Snippets

Snippets are a rising trend that we would definitely see get to see more in the year 2018. This innovative move consists of writing most of the content that would be available on the page in a snippet form. This would be the first thing that would be visible to the users once they look the page up, giving them an idea of what is to come once they click on the link. Writing the perfect snippet is the key, as the strategy is a sure-shot way to generate even more leads and traffic.

SEO is your safest bet to generate the leads and traffic that you would like for your websites. Enlist in the right services and have your website race ahead of the generic ones that are still using outdated technologies.

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