If there is one item of clothing that doesn’t get enough credit, it is the tracksuit. They are versatile and comfortable and have been the go-to for remote workers for the last few years. 

Tracksuits aren’t just for pairing with your favourite kicks anymore; many fashion icons have shown the world that a good pair of jogging bottoms and heels can work wonders. It’s all about your style. 

Even Beyonce got into the athleisure wear creating many collections; Rhianna worked with Puma and Cardi B with Reebok.

What Makes Athleisure Wear So Popular? 

One of the biggest reasons athleisure has become so popular is that it works with the busiest lifestyles. It works for people who need to run errands, take work meetings, meet friends, pick up children from school or work from the kitchen table. 

It is a multifunctional style that can be quickly dressed up or dressed down completely based on what the day holds.

Don’t sleep on the comfort and versatility that a tracksuit can bring to any outfit – here are five ways to style them. 

  • Fitted 

Baggy joggers and a loose tracksuit top can be incredible when you need something to cover the monthly bloating or just for general comfort. But if you want to elevate the look, go for more fitted tracksuits. 

Fitted tracksuits are easy to wear and super comfortable – pair them with some clean white sneakers and an oversized tote, and you are ready for anything. 

  • Oversized Coat

An oversized coat might sound like a worrisome combo – especially for the short queens amongst us, but the right type of oversized will go over a tracksuit to give an effortlessly chic look – without adding bulk or making you look like you borrowed your dad’s jacket. 

To make this look really pop, opt for straight cut joggers, preferably with stripes down the leg. The straight lines mimic those on some tailored trousers. 

This type of look is perfect for morning coffee, strolls and the transitional months. 

  • Heels

Reviving a look from the 90s that was seen on Kylie Minogue and then again in 2014, Rihanna is often seen sporting heels and joggers. How do they make it work? Their heels are always paired with the main colours of the rest of the tracksuit. 

For example, her pastel rainbow tracksuit in 2016 was paired with two-tone heels in white and pastel pink. Perfectly in keeping with the pink from the tracksuit. 

  • Shirts

One of the easiest looks when it comes to tracksuits and elevation is sporting a pair of any colour shorts or joggers with a crisp white shirt. French tuck the shirt and throw on your favourite white sneakers or heels. 

This combination really leans into the athleisure style but gives it an elegant twist. It also means that you can take a zoom meeting with your boss and still be completely comfortable. 

  • Accessories 

We know by now that it is the accessories that can make or break an outfit – and the tracksuit is one of the best canvases you can get. Baggy or fitted bottoms, with a crop top and the matching jacket, are already a relaxed look. 

Oversized sunglasses not only add an air of mystery, but they ensure that you don’t need to make eye contact with anyone if you don’t want to. Not to mention protecting that delicate eye skin from the sun. For effortless cool, go monochrome and match the glasses to the colour of the tracksuits. 

You will often see celebs like Kendel Jenner carrying a structured tote (usually the Christian Dior Book-Tote in blue) or Cardi B with her much loved Hermès bags (of which she has over 26).  

A busy lifestyle demands a style that can work with you, not against you, and the right tracksuit is going to be a staple in your wardrobe that gives you everything you need and more.

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