Australia exemption to travel

Covid-19 has restricted the movement around the globe. Many countries, including Australia, imposed travel restrictions. Undoubtedly affecting thousands of travellers wishing to enter. The only means is to apply for an exemption to enter the country. 

However, there are the following groups that do not need the travel exemption for entering the country:

-Citizens of Australia, permanent residents and their immediate family members

-Citizens of New Zealand residing in Australia and their immediate family members

The obligation is required to be met by non-citizens, such as:

-Temporary visa holders holding a wide range of visa classes

Travel exemption is the only choice for people to enter. Because of the pandemic, the country restricts international travellers from coming in, causing travel delays on individuals and their business-related travels. 

One needs to fill a travel exemption form prescribed by the Australian Government. It’s a time-consuming process but significant for the country to keep safe. According to the Department of Home Affairs, 20the March to 31st July 2020, approximately 25 per cent of outbound travel was approved. However, 22 per cent of inbound travel requests were made.

25 percent outbound travelers exemption

Who can Apply for a Travel Exemption?

On 2nd September 2020, the Department of Home Affairs outlined that applicants for exemptions should fall in specific categories. The authority is given to the Commissioner of the Australian Border Force to grant an exemption to travel to Australia if:


  • the applicant is a non-citizen traveller and invited by the Australian Government or a state government or territory government to help in the COVID-19 response.


  • the applicant works in critical service or medical services such as air ambulance, medical personnel treating patients in unfavourable locations (medical evacuation), or offering significant medical supplies.


  • the applicant is a non-citizen and has critical skills or working in a critical sector in Australia as defined by the Government.


  • the applicant is a non-citizen sponsored by their employer to work and has an occupation on the PMSOL (Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List ). 


  • the applicant who is a non-citizen supported by the Australian government or a state government or territory government as his/her entry is for the national interest.


  • the applicant is military personnel who is a part of the Status of Forces Agreement, Asia Pacific Forces, Commonwealth Armed Forces and Status of Armed Forces Agreement.


  • or the applicant who is travelling for compassionate & compelling reasons.


Australia exemption to travel is a complicated process. It’s difficult for travellers to fill the need of the country’s rules and guidelines. It’s important to look for specialists to assist you better and prevent your stress. 

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