If you are looking to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and travel the world with freedom and flexibility, a solo trip might be the perfect option for you. Discover the top destinations for solo travelers around the world, courtesy of international tour operator Indus Travels!


Magnificent mountains, breathtaking landscapes, and world-famous dishes are only a few reasons why so many people choose to visit Japan. Not only is this country extremely beautiful, with warm and welcoming hospitality, but Japan is also a very safe destination for travelers! Female travelers can feel safe and secure knowing there are plenty of options for women-only activities and transit throughout the country. Japan also boasts beautiful hiking trails, plenty of bars and restaurants, and an incredible transportation system with multiple trail lines per region, Shinkansen bullet trains, regional airlines with local flights, rental cars, and local busses, which make it very easy to travel across the country!


Bali is the perfect place for travelers who are looking to head on a journey of self-reflection and growth. Between magical floating temples, tropical rainforests, and magnificent waterfalls, this mesmerizing island is undoubtedly one of the top destinations for solo travelers around the world. Not only are the food and accommodation extremely affordable in Indonesia, but the nature is beautiful beyond words! This entire island is believed to boast a powerful energy vortex that cannot be described, which makes this an incredible place for a journey of healing and restoration.


Backpackers, nature fanatics, history buffs, spiritual seekers, and solo travelers of all kinds are bound to fall in love with the beauty and magic of Thailand. Between exotic temples, breathtaking landscapes, fascinating archaeological sites, and turquoise-blue waters, Thailand is the perfect place to head on grand adventures, connect with mother nature, and learn about a fascinating foreign culture. The local cuisine is exquisite, with exotic flavors and spices that will make one’s taste buds pop, the prices are affordable, the locals are friendly and willing to help, and the transportation system is incredible!


Home to some of the happiest countries in the world, who wouldn’t want to visit Scandinavia? Awe-inspiring landscapes, magnificent mountains, and gorgeous glaciers scatter the land and make Scandinavia the perfect place for a self-drive vacation. This is a great way for solo travelers to explore a new country with complete freedom and flexibility while taking advantage of the comfort and security that comes with pre-planned accommodation. Not only are Scandinavian countries incredibly beautiful, but they are also extremely developed — which means you can feel safe and secure traveling across the region!


Croatia is rapidly gaining attraction as a top destination for solo travelers around the world. This Balkan beauty boasts some of the most incredible waters, beautiful white-sand beaches, and magnificent medieval architecture in Europe. With a highly reliable transportation system, a low crime rate, and plenty of sites to see — there is no wonder why so many travelers feel safe and comfortable exploring this destination on their own. History buffs, nature fanatics, and lovers of architecture will fall in love with the beauty of Croatia, as the Land of a Thousand Islands has something special to offer every type of traveler!


While breathtaking coastlines, gorgeous cityscapes, and golden beaches attract millions of visitors every year, there is another reason why Italy continues to be one of the top destinations for solo travelers! Italy is incredibly diverse as every region across the country offers its own variation of popular food and beverages, local customs, and unique topography. The excellent transportation system makes it easy for tourists to travel between regions — and when they do it often feels like they are traveling to a new country. There is no better way to learn about Italian culture than with a solo tour… discover the top tips for traveling solo with this special guide!




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