Andaman is a less-explored travel destination for romantic couples, nature lovers and soul seekers. Andaman is an archipelago, and the islands hold uncounted treasures for honeymooners. It is the personification of natural beauty. It is the perfect start to a new life for couples.

Each location on the archipelago is a new reason to fall in love with life and your new partner. Here are the top 4 reasons people pick an Andaman Nicobar tour package for their honeymoon –

A Must-have in your Andaman Nicobar tour package –

The coral colors of Havelock Island

The scenery at Havelock is a leaf out of any world-class travel and leisure magazine. It is the Caribbean’s of India, and you get to enjoy complete privacy on the beach. It is a serene song in gold and blue that will enchant you with its tunes during the unforgettable sunsets and sunrises.

It is just about 2 hours from Port Blair, but it is miles away from hustle bustle of the port town of Andaman. For any love locked couple looking for a romantic getaway, Havelock Islands is a sure bet in the Andaman and Nicobar diaries.

While there, do not forget to try snorkeling, scuba diving, beach dinners and romantic experiences at the different beaches and cafes on the island.

Another Andaman on Little Andaman

It is just 120 Km from Port Blair. This is a tiny strip of golden sand and perennial greenery on the Bay. This island is a fairyland with a little bit of everything wondrous from different parts of the Andaman Islands, minus the business. Waterfalls, rainforests, golden sandy beaches, shadowy groves, creeks and stunning views make up the greater part of Little Andaman.

To spice up your honeymoon, do not exclude hiking through the pristine trails and surfing through the warm blue waters.

Diglipur diaries for the offbeat honeymooners

Andaman and Nicobar hold a lot of unexplored and little-known places, including the likes of Diglipur. It has preserved the unmarred beauty of nature and its bounties for decades. Not a lot of people venture to Diglipur, and you can enjoy tranquil walks by the beach, hike to the Alfred Caves and Chalis Ek Caves.

It is only about 5.5 hours from Port Blair, but light-years away from the noise and bustle of the cities. It is a slice of untouched natural beauty in India that can transport anyone to faraway islands of their childhood fairylands.

Neil Island to take you to the calmness

It is as far away as it gets from the bedlam clam roads and beaches we know in India. This secluded alcove by the blue bay is the perfect nest for the lovebirds planning to begin a life quietly in privacy. Neil Island does not boast of tourist spots and busy beaches, but it does have an otherworldly transcendent beauty that can make people forget their worries.

It is only 36 km from Port Blair. The glass-bottom boat rides and water activities are foolproof conversation starters.

Andaman is like a mythical mother of pearl, holding a string of natural pearls in its bosom for all romantic solace seekers and thrill lovers.

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