By Awais Ahmed

Frequent travelers are pretty aware of the fact that every trip is different. If you are traveling at a place where beaches are predominant then probably flip-flops and sunblock may be the essentials one would carry. But why would you carry flip-flops if hiking the mountains is your priority?

The things you carry with yourself defines your journey. Only packing is not important, it is crucial to pack smartly. Your travel inconveniences will amplify if you don’t have the right thing at the right time. This is why do carry things that provides comfort, convenience and serve more than one purpose.

Nevertheless, there are few things that every traveler must carry regardless of the place they visit. It will be handy if whether you are in the cold of Alaska or the dunes of Sahara. Here is a list that every traveler must have a look at.

Eiffel tower reflection in camera lenses

1. Camera

Why would someone miss the opportunity to capture their memories? You must carry your camera wherever you travel until and unless there is an exemption. It will preserve your memories forever which you can recall later in time. It even allows you to share images and boast about your trip to the world. It is recommended not to rely on mobile phone cameras since they do not provide the quality professional cameras do. Get a DSLR to capture your memories in high quality.

2. Notebook and pens

You can never know when will the need arise for a notebook and a pen but you will need it for sure. Not only will it allow you to capture the memories in textual form, but you might need it to write something important related to your travel. Write about your latest adventure travels in a notebook and revisit it once you reach your home. It will enkindle a nostalgic sense and encourage you to explore the world more.

3. Medicines

This is probably the most important thing to carry during travels. Each country has its own medications which you might not be aware of. Pack your medicines which might help you in cases of emergencies. You might not be able to communicate effectively as well with foreign pharmacies due to linguistic barriers this is why it is preferable to carry your own medicines than relying on someone else. Make sure you have all the necessary medicines in your bag before you depart for your destination.

4. Earplugs

Quality earplugs are a must, especially for those who do not have a sound and restful sleep. They are also handy for blocking aircraft noise. Earplugs are pretty much essential if you want a good night’s sleep in the aircraft, or in the hotel. If you are traveling from train, then make sure you have this handy equipment.

5. Multi-purpose shoes

It is pretty annoying to carry five pairs of shoes along with you on just one trip. It doesn’t only occupies more space but maintaining them is a mess. In order to resolve this situation, you can carry two pairs of multi-purpose shoes. You can carry durable sneakers and another pair of shoes which are comfortable enough for long walks but can also work when heading towards the beach. Research on the Internet about these shoes and you will know how beneficial they can be especially for frequent travelers.

6. Scratch maps

Carrying a scratch map allow you to keep better track of your travel. If you are a globetrotter who is always on the run, then scratch maps can allow you to take note of where to head next. It permits you to set goals regarding your traveling objectives and organize the trip in a better way. Carrying it can enhance your overall travel experience.

7. Torch

You don’t want to be the person who wanders in the dark without any source of light. Even if you are a night person, you don’t want to disturb your roommates by switching on the lights in the midnight after returning from a party. Carry a portable torch with you every time. This is a must-carry if you are planning to explore deep caves. Waterproof torches are also available in the market these days if you want to explore deep in the ocean. You can even attach them to your head using a band for more convenience.

8. Study folder

There is no need to mention that you need to carry passport and all the important travel documents since they are prerequisites for travel. But where will you keep them? They needs to be placed in a secure place. Study folders are the best thing to do so. Keep all the important documents, printouts and essential paperwork in the folder. This prevents you from juggling with the paperwork and handling it would be more convenient.

9. Dry sack

Why would you want to carry a dry sack? Obviously to keep your wet clothes in it. If you are beach person, then you need to secure your wet clothes somewhere. Keeping them in your luggage as it is would make it smelly. Keep them in a dry sack until you give it to the laundry or clean it yourself.

Another important usage of dry sacks are that they are handy in rainy seasons. You want to save your electronic items from going faulty due to penetration of water. Keep your valuables in the dry sack during rain to keep it dry and safe.

10. Wipes

When you are on your own, you want to avoid getting sick which is pretty common during trips. This is why it is recommended to keep wipes with you all the time to ensure zero contact with germs. Head towards the shop before your departure and stock up on every form of wipe you can get. Get anti-bacterial ones for your hands and flushable cleansing cloths to keep you comfortable in those public restrooms. Make sure that you carry them with you at all times to avoid discomfort and inconvenience.

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