At Top 4 Hair, we make sure that your hair is always in good shape. Protecting your hair is important as it ensures health, longevity, and look. Healthy hair is our number one priority – so how can you protect your hair?


We often do so many things unknowingly that over time we end up damaging our hair quite a lot. But there are always steps we can take to make sure we’re protecting our hair. Taking these steps will drastically improve your hair looks and relieve you of any burden about its health.


According to Saif Youssifson, there are several things that we can do to protect our hair and keep it in good shape. Top 4 Hair gets loads of clients constantly asking us how they can protect their hair and improve its health, so here are the best ways to protect your hair!

Don’t dry your scalp:

We often easily dry our scalp without even noticing it. A dry scalp leads to dandruff, which damages your scalp and increases hair fall, and you definitely don’t want that!


Avoid using boiling water for your head, as it can actually dry it out. Surprisingly, right? Try using lukewarm or cold water instead if you want to wash your hair; it’s a much better option if you want to protect your hair and scalp.


Moreover, Saif Yousifsson recommends that you do not use the hairdryer or straightener on very high settings for very long. Blow-drying your hair is a part of almost everyone’s daily routine; however, it’s important not to do it for too long at high settings as it can dry your scalp and damage your hair.


Try keeping some more distance between your hairdryer and hair – it should help protect it against the heat and prevent severe damage to your scalp. For more tips, you can always check out Top4Hair’s Facebook page.


Don’t use too many chemicals!

Every product we use has chemicals. Some of these are essential for their function, and while others are important in some ways, they can also have side-effects if not used appropriately.


Make sure you don’t use too much conditioner. At Top 4 Hair, we’re often surprised how much conditioner some clients regularly use. You should always take a quarter-sized amount of the conditioner and rub it into the tips of your hair for it to be effective. Make sure you don’t use conditioner every day or use too much of it when you do, it can damage your hair due to the chemicals present inside, and a lot of conditioners can even make your hair greasy.


When using hair products such as gels, make sure to use safe compounds and aren’t loaded with chemicals. Saif Yousifsson recommends using Simple and Natural compounds as they work best! Coconut oils infused with other natural ingredients such as lemon can be beneficial!


Don’t brush or massage too roughly:

We can easily get carried away when brushing or scrubbing our hair. You may think that doing that actually gets more dirt and gunk out of your hair; however, it can actually damage your hair. Scratching your hair when shampooing can scar the scalp and result in more dandruff and hair fall. Top 4 Hair provides clients with numerous procedures that can help you regain your hair health in that regard. If you want to take a look at these procedures, here’s our Instagram page!


Constantly tugging and pulling at your hair harshly while brushing also weakens their roots and results in more hair fall. You should try your best to make sure the roots of your hair follicles are in good shape. This drastically affects the hair follicle’s life-span – meaning you don’t have to stress about going bald.


Smoothly and softly use the brush when combing your hair, and never do it very harshly. If it’s hard to comb easily through the hair, you can try using a water spray to soften the hair; this should make it very easy to comb and will make sure you’re not going too rough on your hair. Top 4 Hair recommends combing with passion and smoothness.


What can we take from this?

Good hair practices aren’t that hard to follow. Often, they’re simply things we do without being aware of the consequences they have on our precious hair’s health.

Doing these simple things regularly will give you guaranteed results for your hair’s overall health and how it looks. Saif Yousifsson being an experienced licensed hair stylist with over 22 years of experience can provide you with numerous tips that can help you improve your hair quality.


Top 4 Hair is always hair to make your hair-style and aesthetic dreams come to life, which is why we care about your hair’s health. Saif Yousifsson puts an immense focus on attention to detail and making sure that the client feels confident after every visit to the salon. With Top 4 Hair, you’re always in good hands.


Start practicing these tips, and we’ll see you soon to give you the hair of your dreams!

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