Vastu consultant in Kolkata, while doing vastu analysis of any property predominantly focuses on the significance of main door vastu.

But what makes the main door vastu so critical that it affects the vastu of the entire property, no matter if it is residential or commercial one?

In this following blog, we will understand the importance of the vastu for main door, followed by taking a look at some useful guidelines regarding it, as offered by expert Vastu consultant in Kolkata.

The significance of the main door as per vastu consultant

The main door, as per the Vastu consultant in Kolkata, is the threshold of any building. Most of the energies, both good and bad; that enter the building pass through this junction.

So, the vastu if this threshold determines the type of energy that gets to go inside. If the vastu of the main door is auspicious, it will facilitate the entry of positive energy and eliminate the negative ones.

As a result, it will bring the best benefits for its residents. Needless to say, the bad vastu will do no good to anybody.

What comes under main door vastu?

Vastu consultant in Kolkata takes account of 2 things primarily while doing vastu analysis of any property. These includes; the directional facing; and actual placement of the main door.

The direction towards which the house face; is determined by its main door. Each direction has its set of significance and importance.

Vastu consultant in Kolkata considers east, north and north east facing properties to be best as per vastu shastra.

However, there are other factors that are equally crucial to determine the same. This is when the role of pada comes into picture.

The padas are the segments of each directional side. Usually each side is divided into 8 or 9 padas. Each pada has its own potential and significance.

Some pada offers good results to its residents, but some offers severe ill-effects. Some padas are kind of neutral and makes no significant difference.

But you need to remember that the padas occupies disproportionate space in the sides and you cannot determine them on your own.

So, it is always vital to reach out to some Vastu consultant in Kolkata, before installing the main door randomly.

Useful tips for main door offered by Vastu consultant in Kolkata

Apart from the above mentioned vastu aspects, you need to adhere to the following vastu guidelines to ensure good vastu of the space, as offered by expert Vastu consultant in Kolkata.

  1. Make sure that the main door is more prominent and larger than any other door in the house or office space.
  2. Try to have it made out of wooden material for best result. Use a metal name plate upon it to boost the connection between the property and the occupants.
  3. Preferably install a single framed door that open inwards in 90 degree. Ensure that the closing and opening mechanism do not produce any sound or creek.
  4. Never place any water fountain or mirror right in front of the property that casts the reflection of the main entrance.
  5. Try to avoid installing any keyhole or magic eye on the main door frame. Take other means to serve these purposes.
  6. Vastu consultant in Kolkata highly recommends keeping the area clean and clutter free. Never keep any broken, old, used items right outside the house. Doing so can generate negative energy in the surrounding.
  7. Install some vastu items or holy symbols (like gold’s pic, Om, swastic, trishul etc) near the area to attract good energies. Keep the place well lit with both natural and artificial lighting.

Make sure to stick to these vastu remedies to ensure good vastu of the main door and overall property.

So, no matter if it is home, office, shop, factory or showroom; you must seek vastu analysis for main door.

To know more about it or to avail complete vastu analysis of your property; reach out to the best Vastu consultant in Kolkata, Mr. Pinaki Pal, only at Vaastu Mangaal.

Description-Let us explore the importance of the vastu for main door, followed by some useful guidelines as offered by expert Vastu consultant in Kolkata

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