Coronavirus has already had a significant impact on life. Social distancing and lockdown restrictions continue to disrupt social lives for the foreseeable future.

Frustrated singles have turned to online dating websites in the hope of meeting a potential love interest. It turns out, online during lockdown is not such a bad thing after all.

On the contrary, pandemic trends have engineered an unexpected dynamic to the dating game: people are actually getting to know one another before they meet. And video-dating could become a permanent dating practice.

Video chat features on dating websites have ushered in a trend for virtual dating. Dating apps enable you to chat face-to-face with a potential partner without even leaving the house.

The pressure to impress your beau hasn’t gone away, however. If anything, virtual dating can be more stressful due to the newness of it all. Nobody really knows what to do so we just have to fumble our way through it.

To get you started, we’ve put a few virtual dating suggestions together. And let’s face it, virtual dating could become the new norm on a permanent basis.

First Virtual Date

The first impression lasts – even in a virtual environment. And here’s the biggest quandary. What do you wear? Do you put your make-up on? Or should you just wear whatever you like without worrying about being judged?

Whilst some people may prefer to go cute and casual, there is a danger that your beau may not think you’ve made an effort and immediately feel rejected. That could blunt the conversation before you’ve even had a chance to strike a connection.

Subtlety is the best option. Wear a nice top or a decent t-shirt but without going over the top. Girls should apply light make-up and your favourite piece of visible jewellery – because most guys judge girls on looks before personality.

Keep Conversation Interesting

Virtual chats online can easily become stilted. Despite being able to see one another, the screen can hinder the interaction two people have with one another when meeting in person.

You are also limited to your home so can’t make comments about your environment, people watching or anything else that is happening around you.

One of the main reasons a couple fail at dating is because they cannot make good conversation with one another. The beauty of online dating is to identify potential partners based on their interests. You should already have topics for discussion in mind.

Avoid constantly talking about yourself. The “me, me, me,” convo is a massive turn-off. Also try and keep the talk about coronavirus, light and to a minimum. It’s bound to come up.

Dealing with the Awkwardness

Before heading into a first virtual date, you should anticipate awkward moments. Awkwardness can happen when your dating in-real-life and online there is more chance it will happen.

Screen freezes, time delays, talking over one another at the same time. It’s inevitable. Use these moments to share a laugh and a joke and move on. Awkwardness can actually help build bonds.

You may also want to set a time to end the date. You don’t have to reveal your Cinderella-style cut-off hour or agree a time beforehand. Doing so will not allow you to bail early if the date is not going well but be prepared to say goodbye without dragging the date on beyond pumpkin time.

Now you know what to expect from virtual dating, all you that is left to do is arrange a date. Take advantage of the increasing numbers of singles signing up to online dating websites and meet your future partner today.



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