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Washington Redskins: 3 things we learned in victory over Eagles

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When the Philadelphia Eagles traveled to Washington to take on the Redskins, it was a game for divisional bragging rights. The Redskins were also looking at a four-game winning streak. Would they be able to keep the Eagles at bay and get back in the division? Here are three things we learned in the victory over the Eagles.

The Redskins can create pressure with the front four

Ryan Kerrigan and company got after the Philadelphia Eagles rookie QB today. Carson Wentz was sacked five times in the victory. If the Redskins can continue to get pressure with the d-line that not only helps the secondary but also get the high-scoring offense on the field more. Defensive Coordinator Joe Berry has been very aggressive over the last 2 and a half games in his play calling. This has resulted in the Redskins being a very solid defensive opponent. Not sure if this was called by the players or Berry himself, but no matter who called for it, it is working.

Washington can run the football

With TE Jordan Reed out with a concussion, there was an added emphasis on being balanced. The Washington Redskins ran the ball 33 times for 230 yards. That is an average of 7 yards per carry. This was by far the best rushing performance of the season. This is the way the Redskins can run the football. There need to be an added emphasis placed on this run game for the rest of the season. They have a great three headed monster; Matt Jones, Robert Kelly, and Chris Thompson.

Kirk Cousins beginning to find his form

Kirk Cousins is starting to look like the QB he was in 2015. Aside from the ill-advised pass on the pick 6, Cousins was on point. Cousins was 18/34 for 263 yards, 2 TDs, and 1 INT. He was able to recover from the pick 6 and lead the Redskins down the field for a TD. This was a moniker of Cousins before last season. He would snowball turnovers. Since 2015 he has not let these bother him. Interceptions happen, it is what you do after these interceptions that matter.

The Washington Redskins could be tied for the division lead at the end of the day. That is if the Green Bay Packers can do their part and beat the Dallas Cowboys. With a trip to Detroit to face the Lions on the horizon, the Redskins could start gaining control of the division over the next two weeks. After a rough start, things are looking up! ALWAYS HTTR!!!

Stay tuned later in the week for Washington Redskins: Upon Further Review against the Eagles.

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