What are Alkaline Herbs

The alkaline diet has been one of the trendiest ways of losing weight while being healthy at the same time. From the theory that acid-forming foods make bodies weaker, an alkaline diet encourages consuming foods that maintain pH balance. 

Alkaline Herbs and why Eat More of it?

One concept of an alkaline diet is to consume more plant-based foods and cutting acidic, sugary, and processed foods. The AlkalineNaturals.COM alkaline herb store  claims that these can improve your health, maintain your weight, and lessens the risk of having complications. Famous herbalist Dr. Sebi researched alkaline-rich and can help achieve better health and the body’s ability to heal itself. 

More acid-forming foods in the system can result in lots of stress, leading to poisoning our bodies. One of its possible complications is chronic inflammation. Despite being a natural response to infections and injuries, too much inflammation can cause DNA damage leading to cancer. So, eating acidic foods can add more risks for you to have this dreaded disease.

More Benefits of Eating Alkaline Herbs

If you’re looking for more reasons to try the alkaline diet, check out more of its health benefits:

  • Improves the health of our kidneys
  • Helps treat or prevent cardiovascular diseases
  • Improves the levels of the growth hormones
  • Prevents and treats osteoporosis and other back problems
  • Prevents and treats diabetes
  • Some studies claim that an alkaline environment cause chemotherapy drugs more effective and less toxic

Some Alkaline Herbs to Try on

If you are wondering some alkaline herbs to try on, consider the following herbs to achieve your alkaline diet. 


Besides being one of the most significant spices, turmeric is also known for its healing properties. Furthermore, it has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce swelling because of pain problems. It can also lessen the severe effects of pain because of arthritis. Moreover, it can also be counted on to lower the cholesterol levels because of its antioxidant contents.


Another excellent alkaline herb, ginger, never fails to cure motion sickness and other causes of nausea. Moreover, it also aids in the smooth digestion process and treats stomach issues like flatulence. With these, it also improves the blood flow, maintaining its normal pressure.


More than as a cooking constituent, basil is also an herb that helps distress individuals because it reduces the serotonin or the stress hormones. Like ginger, it can even cure indigestion problems. Moreover, it helps people with headaches and fever. Finally, it can also treat respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis by chewing a few leaves.


Garlic is more than bringing aroma and flavor to every dish, but it can also benefit our health. With its anti-viral component, it can help clear our sinuses. It has a powerful antioxidant that gives more protection to the body against free radicals. Furthermore, it helps the body digest iron and protein better, lowers bad cholesterol, and normalizes the blood pressure.


If you are looking for a natural cooler, especially on hot days, cumin can be an excellent choice. This alkaline herb is also a fantastic blood purifier and can cure diarrhea and stomach cramps.  

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