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Advocates for external risk at The Zehl & Associates Law Firm know the enthusiasm and dedication of our overseas staff. Even in the worst of weather, they sell the seabed of maritime commerce at an ever-increasing rate. Oceans work is often beneficial, but it can also be dangerous.

A fraudulent workplace for offshore workers that can lead to serious injuries and even death. Add flexibility to the owner’s negligence, and as a result the risk of injury may increase. Offshore Injury Attorney at The Zehl & Associates Law Firm have identified the various hazards of maritime work and the resulting injuries.

Common Offshore Injuries

Back injuries: Back injuries are less likely to be life threatening, but can significantly reduce the ability of an employee who has worked abroad to do his or her job. Treatment for back pain is often a stressful procedure that involves a combination of surgery, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. Back injuries can occur during certain types of conditions, most often when lifting or lowering excess weight away from the body.

Burns: These injuries can be among the most serious, with long-term physical and emotional symptoms. Heat treatment is very painful and may include skin tattoos and cosmetic surgery. Stirring can be permanent.

Spinal Injury (SCI): Spinal cord injury can lead to paralysis and loss of limb. SCIs are a major cause of paraplegia and quadriplegia. This is the ultimate injury to life and life-changing.

Brain damage: Workers suffering from traumatic brain injury may have problems with long-term cognitive and neurological functions. Other symptoms of brain damage include loss of vision, headache, mood swings and poor memory.

Non-traumatic injury: Working with large, heavy machinery requires proper training and proper care. If left unchecked, equipment can be dangerous and can lead to the loss of a limb. A non-traumatic injury can injure a leg or arm enough that amputation is the only way out.

Fracture Injury: Similar to amputation, the most common injury is the result of malfunction or mechanical repair. Crush injuries are one of the leading causes of death for marine workers.

Bone Injury: When bones, tissues, or joints are damaged, the short- and long-term effects can range from mild to severe.

Eye injuries: Impaired vision or visual impairment may prevent an offshore worker from returning to work. Blindness can occur when chemicals are part of the risk.

Hearing Loss: Offshore equipment is loud and often requires ear protection. Lack of ear plugs or ear muffs can cause temporary or permanent damage.

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