Do you get panic due to an accidentally deleted photo from your device? Though you have empty your recycle bin, there is no need to worry because there are several ways to restore your deleted photos from software. There is a wide range of software in the virtual market which are designed to protect your precious data.


Types of file recovered with software.

There are different kind of files which get lost or may be deleted from different sources like a laptop, mac book, cameras, pen drive, USB, internal/external hard drives and mobile phones etc. There is a wide range of recoverable deleted file format, some of the formats are CR2/CRW, EFR, RAF, K25/KDC/DCR, MOS, NEF, NRW, MRW, MOS, ORF, RAW, PEF, X3F, PEF, ADOBE EPS for MAC, ADOBE EPS for WINDOWS, BMP, GIF, PNG,INDD, PSD, PSP, JP2, PCT, JPEG, TGA, TIFF etc.

Steps to assess the software.

The deleted photos recovery software is very easy to use and there is no need to get any technical knowledge to use this software. You have to go through the falling procedure for recovering the data.

  • First of all, this software will provide to choose an option of the file you want to search from the list like graphics filter you have to click if you want to search an image or picture. Then there is another option to choose the file format you lost. For example PNG, jpeg, jpg, gif etc.
  • Secondly, select the location you want to scan the file then click on scan button on it. After starting the scan, the software will be on scanning mode it will automatically find all the deleted files from that particular folder you have selected before at the end of this can you will be able to to see all deleted photos.
  • In the third step select the wanted photo from the list, you want to recover. At the end you have to click on the recovery button and the removed file will be recovered and restored at his destination from where it has been deleted.

Types of software used for deleted photos data recovery.

  • Stellar Photo Recovery – this software is the highest rating software because of its additional key feature benefits. This software can recover SD cards, creates a duplicate image of selected media, the software is having multiple language options. The unique technique in this software is previewing the scanned result in three different ways like file type, tree view and deleted list. Stellar photo recovery has two different modes of scanning quick scan and deep scan if the file is not there in the quick scan. then there is I need of deep scan. This software has the power to recover the lost data up to 5TB.
  • Rescue 5: this data recovery software ransom of the most intensive recovery scans. this data recovery software can be considered as one of the most powerful software that helps you in recovering your deleted data as it has the capability to pull out some of the Ancient files that have been buried since long time ago. In addition, it adds to a large number of supported file types and an extremely rough search mechanism can save your quality time. In this way, you can get your data recovered which could be difficult without the help of such recovery software.
  • EaseUs: EaseUS is also an impressive data recovery software which offers solid User experience and one of the largest number of option for customer support in a business. This software is also cheaper than other recovery software if one plant to purchase the license. Moreover, this is a user-friendly software as Data Recovery Wizard is already integrated with Windows file system.
  • Recuva: Recuva is free software that can be used to recover deleted photos from the PC. Recovering data with Recuva is a simple as compared to other software’s and even you are not liable to pay for the key features. The three major advantages feature of this software are Recuva Wizard for the first time users, with this, you have to specify the images location and the software help in recovering that image. Another feature is a scan, with this chances of recovering the deleted file increases. Finally, aspects the third feature with which all the files that are being recovered are marked and a quick review of the photos is also provided.

Final verdict

The advent of technology has provided us with several options using them SmartLink and helpers in recovering deleted photographs. In this week lost memories can be recaptured again.

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