Painting is considered as the best way to bring a new look and feel to the property. However, there are a range of problems that make your painting project a complete failure. One such common problem faced by several homeowners is cracking paint. If you are planning to paint your home and do not want it to be a failure because of cracking paint, this is the best post you must read today. Dallas Paints state that there are a number of reasons behind cracking paint. Let us talk about it in detail:

Inappropriate preparation:

Professional painters emphasize a lot on preparing the surface before you paint it. With proper preparation you can rest assured that the paint will stick to the surface efficiently and doesn’t crack prematurely. Preparing the surface for painting is an extensive task. The painters will first clean the surface, sand down to make it even, take off any peeling or damaged paint, fill any dents or dings with primer before applying a full coat of primer to the entire surface.

Under or over use of paint

Applying the right amount of paint while painting a surface is as important as preparing the surface. If you under use or overuse the paint, the paint tend to crack off prematurely. You must apply appropriate amount of paint on the surface, making thin layers. Add one layer on top of another until you get the desired color or finish. Usually, 2-3 coats of paints are recommended to bring out the desired effect.

Quality of paint:

The quality of paint you use is also a determiner of its age, if the paint is of low quality, it will not only crack but also fade away before time. Ensure that you invest in a high-quality paint from reliable brands. You can always contact professional painters for guidance in this matter. The exterior house painting crew at Gustafson Painting is the best paint contractor in the Boynton Beach area.

Hasty application:

If you are layering the paint, you need to ensure that you give it enough time to dry out. If you do not wait enough and apply a coat of paint over wet paint, it will crack off pretty quickly.

Poor adhesion:

Poor adhesion is another reason why your paint is cracking or peeling off quickly. If the surface is not prepped appropriately or the paint is of low quality, it is bound to show poor traits including low adhesion. Another reasons that the paint does not stick properly is inadequate weather conditions. Painting at a time when there is a lot of moisture in the air can also cause cracking.

When should the paint crack?

Yes, paint cracking is common but it must always be the right time when it starts cracking off. The best paint will crack when it will age enough. Every paint has a set lifespan beyond which it starts cracking. This is an indication that you need to repaint the house with a fresh coat of paint. Before you start painting the surfaces, you must however consult with professional painting company and get expert opinion.

Paint cracking is a common problem but it can be avoided with right preventive measures. Hope these tips help you in ensuring long life of your paint. Discuss these facts with your painter and ensure that you surfaces are perfect and bright all through its lifespan.


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