Any road accident can cause a lot of distress, and this is exaggerated further when an uninsured driver is involved. It’s essential for you to know a bit more about what you should do if this has happened to you. This is why we have made a list of useful advice to remember in the case of such an accident.

Call The Police

This might seem obvious, but an uninsured driver could try to persuade you not to involve the authorities. They stand to suffer much more significant consequences than you will.

Calling the police should be the first action that you take if you are involved in an accident, whether the other driver is insured or not. Their report is vital to how you later make your claim and should be taken seriously.

Get Their Contact Details

Not only should you write down the details of the other vehicle including make, model and license plate number, but you should ask the driver for their address and phone number as well.

This is also the time to get the contact details of any witnesses as their account of what happened can be essential to making your claim.

Take Lots of Pictures

When it comes to road accidents, the more evidence you can record the better. Take photos of both vehicles from different angles, as well as the surrounding area. This is also the time to take pictures of the road to get a sense of how the accident happened.

Everything you do at this stage can help to build a foundation for your claim later.

Do Not Accept Any Money

Because the uninsured driver will likely want to keep matters out of the hands of the authorities, they could offer you money for repairs. Since it is difficult to know the full extent of the damage right away, you will find it hard even to make an estimate of how much it will cost.

Don’t forget that you could still be in shock at this stage, and any injuries could be more evident later. Your medical costs need to be taken seriously. You should also consider the fact that uninsured drivers are a danger to other people, so they need to be dealt with accordingly.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Give your insurance company some of the details of the accident while they are still fresh in your mind. Remember not to admit any form of guilt, and only give the location, time and details of the other driver.

Contact An Attorney

At we take claims against uninsured drivers seriously.

Uninsured driver accidents can be a lengthy and challenging process, so supporting your case with a skilled attorney will give your case a high level of expertise, which will be important when negotiating compensation and ensuring that you get exactly what you deserve.

Contact us today to find out how we can help to put your mind at rest, especially after such a stressful time.

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